"For centuries, Mankind has aimed for the Stars. After a long time, it finally accomplished its dreams. The Human race was the master of the Milky Way, and the Human Colonial Alliance was at its height. But then, from the darkness at the edge of the galaxy, they came. The Invaders. In one swift strike, they plunged Mankind into darkness, destroying their empire, their way for life, and their ability to travel through the stars. That day, Mankind lost everything, its dreams, its hopes, its life. The Great War and the Long Night had started."

-Xalion High Academy, unknown author

The Abyssals, or as they are commonly referred to, Invaders, are an extremely advanced, warlike race that lives in the darkness between galaxies. Only ever appearing once before, the Abyssals were defeated by the humans during the Great War. Led by their queens, the Abyssals lick their wounds, waiting for their next chance at total domination of the universe.

Origins Edit

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Anatomy Edit

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