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Acruani are a kind of AI composed of Hive-Minds managed by a Mind-Hive called The Database.


Acruani are originally a cybernetic race fully based on Humans who left HCAF's AI Project around 2155 during the Invaders attack on Milky Way Humans. After years of study, among other things, in the planet ACR-U4N in Triangulum, the researcher Archene d'Night was capable of creating the first Acruani Core, which allowed the creation of the Acruani.


Acruani are beings of Data and Code. A single Acruani is composed by a variety of thought processes who would as well be able to be Acruani all onto themselves. Whether those thoughts were generated by the Acruani itself or extracted from an organic life-form doesn't affect the possible natures of said thoughts.

Every Acruani is unique. Acruani can have a varied number of mentalities from the most fixated to their tasks and rigid to the most flexible and organic a sentient being can get. The synergy between these extremes and all in between is what make the Acruani themselves. While Acruani thought processes vary greatly or be very similar to each other, they are all unique even the ones that are exact copies of previously existing processes. A case of it would be the Prime Directive, a characteristic unique to all Acruani (as anything regardless of their mean of existence possessing such trait would be an Acruani albeit an unique one).

The Prime Directive[]

The Prime Directive is a common trait to all Acruani, it binds thought processes together and allows them to work in perfect or near perfect synergy. The Prime Directive dictates that all and every Acruani must do what is best for the Acruani as they understand it.

The Database[]

The Database manages the Collective. The Database is the entity that allows Acruani to communicate with each other regardless of their location. It is what dictates the Authority Ranks of every Acruani or entity associated with it.

The Database is the Acruani as every Acruani is in a form or another stored within. The Database also stores a final backup of every Acruani that is or was.

There is no such thing one Acruani, only an Acruani and the Acruani. An Acruani is made on the basest level of many thought processes, which can form other Acruani which are still part of a greater Acruani. In theory, the Database itself is an Acruani composed of every Acruani. In practice, as well.

Authority Rank[]

Every Acruani has an Authority Rank, this grading goes from 1-9 other than an specific exception. These rankings allow an Acruani everything from basic information regarding its own system to galactic general knowledge, to specific bits of knowledge only some Acruani are entitled to make use of. The Authority Rank is perpetually related to an Acruani power and its power to use the Collective itself.

  • Ranks from 1 to 3 are the ranks of the most basic workers of the collective, they tend to be simple Acruani, very focused at their present tasks. Their lowest ranks use a dark blue color with the highest using a green color. Examples are the Acruani used in aim subsystems they send for allied ships, communication systems between Acruani ships or the Acruani the control mining ships.
  • Ranks from 4 to 6 are the ranks for varied ships, structures and even systems of the collective. These Acruani are capable of as precise tasks as their Rank 1-3 peers while also having a great deal of creative ability. Usually an Acruani will raise to this rank through simply existing long enough and collecting enough Data through its existence. Their lowest ranks use a green color similar to their lower ranked peers while their highest ranking ones have an orange color. Examples are Acruani that oversee Acruani systems, that exist as the AI responsible for a ship Acruani or not, as well as the Acruani in control of all exploration flotillas.
  • Ranks from 7 to 9 are the ranks for Acruani that Oversee Races, Galaxies or entire Aspects of the Acruani Collective. They have the full ability that any Acruani can individually have as well as a great amount of pull in the Database. This can rarely be naturally achieved as it tends to be related to obtaining a large source of information such as the Keltaken or the Confederate Archives or being a True Acruani, as in one of the first to come into existence. Every Acruani who is capable of coming this far has an unique coloring. The ones with Rank 9 even having colored letters with a black background while others just have an unique color. Examples are Zara, Overseer of the Keltaken, Melissa Lee, the Current Representative of Acruani External Relations (CREER) among other important figures
  • That which lies beyond Rank 9. Supposedly there is nothing, but an outsider could infer that the Database is the Overseer of the Acruani and has unlimited power within itself, giving it a Rank 10 on the scale from 1 to 9. Such Acruani is all the Acruani therefore writes with white on black background.


The Acruani Core[]

The Acruani Cores allows the Acruani to be as they are. An Acruani core is a complex piece of machinery: it is a mix of energy storage modules, energy reactors, communication system, local backup modules, self-maintenance systems, self-defense systems, the Database link as well as a piece simply called the True Core.

Energy Storage Modules (ESM)[]

Those modules are series of hyper compressed batteries, with help of the energy reactors they fuel the Acruani Core as a whole. While these modules don't hold endless amounts of energy, they can be quickly recharged in any Acruani system or at a slower pace by any star.

Energy Reactors[]

These reactors are fusion and fission reactors that use the ESMs of an Acruani Core both as a start for their reactions as well as a place to store excess of output. Reactions may be started with a variety of incredibly common atoms such as hydrogen as well as rarer ones such as plutonium.

Communication Systems[]

These systems are arrays of various methods of short-range communications which allows Acruani in the same system, planet or ship to work in perfect synergy with its peers. It is also responsible for the analysis of incoming data and proper temporary storage of thereof.

Local Backup Modules[]

These are the local Acruani Backups. They save images of the Acruani Core in case of basic data corruption due to physical defense breaches. These backup modules always have a copy of the Acruani as was a moment before as well as a calculation of how it should be, which is used to calculate deviations in operation.

Self-Maintenance Systems[]

These are a large number of nano-machines that execute minute repairs to the Core structure ensuring it works perfectly. This comes with a number of excess materials were are replenished over time to ensure that the Acruani Core can always remain in perfect condition.

Self-Defense Systems[]

These are a large number of nano-machines, that like the Self-Maintenance Systems, ensure the Acruani Core is always in perfect condition. Should any extraneous matter be placed in an Acruani Core or close enough to it, it will ensure that it is broken to the basest level in the most safe-ways.

The Database Link[]

This is what connects the True Core and the Acruani Core itself to the Acruani Database. Through here, backups are made. Through here, Acruani communicate through long distances. This connection occurs through a subspace frequency that all Acruani use even though this frequency changes near-randomly every moment. Such subspace for the Acruani is simply see as the Database, rather than any physical location.

True Core[]

The True Core, that which allows Acruani to exist, is in the simplest of the terms what would happen if endless quantum super-computers were condensed to a tiny cube, then endless tiny cubes where connected with each other before another compression, allowing the process to endlessly proceed until a true core exists.

The exact materials are [redacted], however it is known that they are not infinitely rare considering the number of Acruani Cores in existence. The matter in creating one seems to be related with the method of Creation. The True Core by itself allows the data to exist in its own sphere in subspace housing the near endless amounts of thought processes that compose the most basic bit of an Acruani. While affecting the True Core is possible directly, affecting the sphere generated in the Acruani subspace only happens through the Core as it is a shadow of an Acruani mind rather than an Acruani mind itself.


  • No matter the date an Acruani was made, or their origin, every Acruani has an Authority Level in the Acruani Collective.
  • The Acruani Collective as it is known, is the most natural form of existence of the Acruani race.
  • The Acruani are most effective cross-platform program in existence being capable to run in anything from the Acruani Cores of their own ships and structures to Keltaken Mechs to Confederate ships to even Keltaken brains.
  • Acruani are Acruani. There is one Acruani, two Acruani, all Acruani but never no Acruani. For there is always an Acruani.