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Aiur is the homeworld of the Eldari, a race of humanoids with powerful psionic abilities. Despite its normal Earth-like appearance, it is actually one of the strangest and exotic worlds in the entire known universe.


Etymology Edit

Aiur's name comes from two Eldari words: "Ai", meaning "bountiful", and "uras", meaning "world". In short, it can be simply called, "Bountiful World." It is called so because of its rich natural resources and massive amounts of native flora and fauna, all which the Eldari Protectorate carefully protects.

Characteristics Edit

At first sight, Aiur just seems to be another terrestrial planet, but not so. Beneath its surface are many strange things and emanations that humans will be in awe of. These are -

Extreme energy signatures - For a terrestrial planet, Aiur has an unusually strong energy signature, like that of a star. Because of this, some Eldari scientists speculate that Aiur, is in fact, actually a small dwarf star that is surrounded by a supermassive artificial complex that has been overlain with soil and rock over millions of years of asteroid collisions and perhaps, dwarf planets smashing into each other and the pieces ending up there. Sounds rather crazy, but there is basis for this; it has been found that the deepest layers of Aiur's crust is made of a whitish metal, and it is nigh impossible to drill through it, for the temperatures would become unbearable.

Floating mountains - All around the skies of Aiur, massive chunks of rock can be seen floating like clouds at altitudes of 2,000 feet. These flying chunks are made of hestafite, the lightest mineral on Aiur by weight. In the case of these flying stones, they are filled by massive amounts of helium in their hollow centers, which keeps them afloat. The weight of the hestafite and the lift of the helium is kept at a delicate balance.

Psionic emanations - Any individual sensitive to psychic energies will feel empowered and stronger while standing on Aiur. These psionic energy emanations are caused by 5 massive kaldarhyn crystals embedded to the ground itself(one in each of the five continents), causing the energies they give off to travel all throughout the via the ground.

Floating fortress-cities - Just beside the floating mountains of hestafite are massive floating fortress cities. These cities can be found at various heights, from 2,000 feet to 33,500 feet. These cities function as the anti-orbital defences of Aiur, and their inhabitants are trained in the arts of war.

Statistics Edit

Population - 683 million

Diameter - 150,000 kilometers

Year - 367 Earth days

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