Alexander Karl Werther is a Großadmiral/Great Admiral in the Fleet of the Federated Colonies, and the captain of the Colonial Military Ship Prinz Eugen. A former human, Alexander became a Genome user after he was wounded in the Keltaken attack of his planet, when the rest of his family was killed. The wielder of the Ancient Demon Sword of Fire, Mosrael, Alexander is one of the youngest Colonial officers to ever reach such a rank, and one of the best officers of the Federated Colonies. Due to his position in the Colonial Military, and his status as an Ancient Sword wielder, Alexander has been dragged into the brutal events of the war between the civilizations of this galactic group and the Invaders.

Appearance Edit

Alexander is a young man, of a a little larger than average height, and average build, a little muscular.His hair his slightly long but neat, and has a jet black color that is a little too dark to be considered natural. Even if he never particularly tried to stand out, it has been noted that he is fairly good looking, winning a place in the top five a poll of the best looking Colonial male officers, although he doesn't know that himself. His complexion is fairly pale, due to all the time he had spent in space away from natural light. His eyes are of a dark black color, similar to that of the hair, but once again, the black is too dark to be considered natural, adding to the stranger aspects of his appearance. His eyes are usually pretty inexpressive, a result of his military training, usually not showing any kind of emotions at all, although usual, he simply seems to be calm and maybe a little depressed.

Most of the time, Alexander is being seen wearing the dark blue with red officer uniform of the Colonial War Fleet, sometimes completed by an armband with the blue-red flag of the Colonies. Although he is fairly decorated, he usually prefers to carry around only the insignia of his rank, Great Admiral of the Colonies. On other occasions, Alexander was seen wearing the white Star Admiral uniform of the Jupiterran Star Fleet, and he was also seen wearing a military recruit uniform in his youth. The only casual civilian clothes he has worn until now have all been black, normal casual outfits he worn during his dates.

Personality Edit

As a child, Alexander had a fairly impulsive and carefree personality, always happy, making jokes and teasing people even in the most dangerous of situations. Back in the past, he was known for being kind, friendly, and a nice person, who was smiling most of the time. But unfortunately, the traumatic events through which he had passed mostly radically changed his personality. It has been suggested multiple times that Alexander is suffering from a rather strong form of PTSD, caused by events like seeing his family slaughtered in front of him, and by his traumatic experience in the military camps. Due to that, Alexander now mostly has a rather sad part that reflects in both his personality and appearance, making him usually seem rather depressed. This also turned him into a much more calmer person, at least on the outside, and one that prefers to be quiet most of the time. Even if he managed to mostly get over the strict indoctrination he had received in the camps, there are still many aftereffects, complementing the military part of his personality.

He also suffers from nightmares, and it is implied that he had hallucinations in the past. Parts of his older personality only resurfaced after he met Shimazaki Haruna. Even if before, due to the fact that he crew and friends were worrying for him, Alexander tried to act as if he wasn't that much affected, but the only one who managed to get out genuine reactions from him was Haruna. Ever since he met her, his situation has met a really good improving, as he now came back to some of the older parts of his personality, and he is slowly managing to get over the traumas in his past. Even so, due to him losing so many people he held dear over the time, he can be extremely protective, and he will be more than ready to sacrifice himself if that means protecting his friends or the people he loves.

Due to him being an Ancient Sword wielder, his Ancient Sword, Mosrael, also has a large influence on him and his personality. While in contact with Mosrael, Alexander is usually much more aggressive and impulsive, and he usually tends to lose control fairly easily, especially if he is angered. However, in the last few uses of his sword, Alexander has proven that he is more than able to control the sword.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Alexander Karl Werther was born as the second child and first son of the Colonial Flottenadmiral Wilhelm Karl Werther and of the Kapitän Maria Werther, on a small planet at the edge of the galaxy, in the region known as the Outer Colonies of the Federated Colonies. He had an older sister, Karla Werther, and a younger brother, Michael Werther.
The planet on which he was born and where he had spent the first years of his life was a small planet, right at the edge of the Goldilocks zone of its system, making it pretty cold, with the usual weather being something like the weather in Earth's Scandinavian countries.
His parents, as officers in the Colonial Fleet, where mostly away almost all the time, Alexander being raised more by his grandparents and older sister. The activity of his parents though had a great impact on him, as from a young age, his biggest dream was to join the Colonial Armed Forces, probably also influenced by the great amount of war propaganda the Colonies were using at the time. As his planet was dominated in everything by the larger and more powerful planets in the middle of the galaxy, Alexander has always had what's known as the Colonial syndrome, a certain feeling of inferiority.
Alexander lived a happy childhood, finishing the primary school at the age of 12, always being considered a pretty intelligent child. But like everything happy in the world, it had to end. His father was killed in the Andromeda when his ship, the CMS Prinz Eugen, was damaged in a fight with the Keltakens. His mother returned home in a permission in order to properly bury him, and then, the Keltakens attacked, in one of their many raids. What exactly happened that night is only known by Alexander, but his entire remaining family was brutally murdered. Heavily wounded himself, Alexander was saved by the Colonial Commodore Prien and his comrades, together with the very few other civilians who had survived. Being in a critical state, and on the verge of death, Alexander was used as a test experiment by a Science Division scientist in the area. He was injected with a rare variant of the Genome, becoming one of the genetically modified humans of the Colonies, the Genome users. Because of that, he survived his wounds, being declared healthy again a few weeks later. The experiment was declared a success.

The Military Camps Edit

Following his survival, now as an orphan, Alexander soon found himself sent in one of the many brutal military camps of the military regime that was now leading the Federated Colonies with an iron fist, after the collapse of the Federal Government following the stalemate in the Second Intergalactic War. One of the many millions of people who ended up forcefully conscripted in the military, Alexander experienced the harsh military training and indoctrination which ended with over a half of the initial recruits dying. What exactly happened in those camps is unknown, but Alexander was one of the survivors. It is also known that during the military camps, he met some of the persons that would later become his best friends, Julius Kingsley, the son of the last Colonial Hegemon, and Theodor Eberbach, a boy from Terra. Facing the strong discrimination in the military camps, as Genome users, the three boys soon became close friends, and managed to survive that hell. But unfortunately, that hell was only the beginning. At the end of the military camp, all three had the honor of being selected to take part in the trials that were going to choose the next Hegemon of the Colonies.

The Hegemonic Games Edit

It is well known that the cruel military junta which led the Colonies in the period of the interregnum had decided a short time after the end of the Second Intergalactic War to choose a new Hegemon. But at least in their conception, this Hegemon had to be perfect from all points of view. So, the junta, the Circle as they called themselves, took the trials that were used to select the best candidates for the position, and turned them into brutal death games, taking them to the next level. The Hegemon had to be perfect, so there was no mercy for the candidates, who died like flies. What exactly happened during those games in unknown, unfortunately.Out of around ten thousand initial candidates, only around one hundred survived, split into three teams. Alexander was one of the survivors. In the end, Julius Kingsley won the games, defeating the other participants, and was chosen as the next Hegemon of the Colonies. But unfortunately for the junta, Julius wasn't one to be easily manipulated. The already existing hate for the junta culminated with Julius finding out that his comatose sister had been experimented on under orders from the junta. This started the event that will come to be known as the Hegemonic Rebellion. As the son of the last Hegemon, Julius had the loyalty of a part of the veterans of the Colonial Military. With his friends, the survivors, the new Hegemon rebelled. And Alexander Werther, as probably the Hegemon's best friend, played a big role in it.

The Hegemonic Rebellion Edit

Under the command of the new Hegemon, the "rebel" Colonial Forces soon started to win battle after battle against the junta's forces. Alexander played a big part in it, as one of the rebellion's leading officers. Taking command of the Colonial Military Ship Prinz Eugen, the same ship his father had commanded, Alexander took part in almost every major battle of the rebellion, culminating with the Battle of Colnoe, and the definitive victory of the rebel forces. Alexander was also involved in the attack on the secret military science base "Tartarus". With the final victory in the rebellion, Alexander and his friends managed to avenge the deaths of their friends.... but it was mostly in vain. Too many had already died. Too many had been lost... it was a bitter victory, but a victory nevertheless. Alexander was proposed for the title of Supreme Admiral of the Colonial War Fleet, and for the War Cross First Class, but he refused them, unwilling to win them for battles against the Colonies. Following the end of the rebellion, he entered official military service, although in a stranger way..

The Military Academy Edit

After the end of the rebellion, Alexander entered a military officer academy like any other junior officer would have, completing his studies in a normal way. Even if it might seem strange to some, this was just like him and his modest personality. He didn't want to become a high ranked officer by jumping over ranks. It's known that he graduated as top of his class, and met multiple persons during his time in the academy, including Louse Raeder, the half-Colonial half-Terran Admiral of the Colonial Military Ship Tirptiz. During the practice time at the academy, Alexander became a pretty good fighter pilot, and served as the Junior Executive Officer of some Colonial ships. After graduating, Alexander officially joined the Colonial War Fleet, as the Captain of the C.M.S. Prinz Eugen

Early Military Life Edit

At the command of the repaired Prinz Eugen, again, Alexander proved himself as one of the most valuable Colonial officers, accomplishing multiple difficult missions under the direct command of the Z.O.K.. The Prinz Eugen began to be known as "the Young Princess", due to it being led by such a young officer, and having a female human model that was however named Prinz(C.S. for Prince). Under his command, the Prinz Eugen completed many solo missions, using hit and run tactics performed with an incredible success rate. With the start of the Third Secession War, the Prinz Eugen Battlegroup earned multiple victories against the enemy forces, including a daring raid on the Alpha Centauri. But that, with the Monolith Event, the Second Great War Started

The Second Great War Edit

At the beginning of the Second Great War, the Prinz Eugen was caught and damaged in the Monolith Event of the Eldari homeworld, but managed to protect the CMS Terra Nova, and destroyed the monolith. It also played a big role in the destruction of the Monolith that was hidden on Terra. After the official start of the war, the Prinz Eugen, under Alexander's command, who had already reached the rank of Fleet Admiral, was deemed as the flagship of the Defensive Line Gloria. Under Alexander's command, the Line resisted for months without any outside help, and managed to destroy the Invader Queen, but the Prinz Eugen was the only surviving ship, another dark event on Alexander's conscience. But, following the Prinz's daring escape, the ship was found and saved by the Jupiterran Star Fleet.


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