Archene is Archene. He is the Creator of the Acruani Race and what makes it exist as is. 

History Edit

The Life of a Scientist Edit

<Insert here a life shrouded in mystery while still a member of the HCA. Remember to mention how his ideals were diferent from the ones of the leading AI Project.>

A Simple Life in ACR-U4N Edit

<Insert here the life of someone with enough resources and time to follow their dreams. Speak of the refugees that wandered upon ACR-U4N after Archene's team's self-exile and everything up until the first Acruani came to being.>

The Creation of a Minor Utopia Edit

<Insert here the process through which Archene, as the first Acruani, united Acruan and made it an utopia before making its people spacefaring within the system. 

The Ascension of Many 

<Insert here the prosperity of Acruan system and the advent of the Forced Ascension that occured en mass. Note how wonderful the first moments of interaction were before RATS came into life and how Archene barely was capable of saving the True Acruani he was capable.>

Endless Wars 

<Insert here a brief look into the hundreds of years of wars that happened between the never-sleeping, ever-working Acruani... against the RATS of similar qualities.>

The Advent of the Database

<Vaguely insert here  Archene's role after the Database came online. And what he had been  doing until Acruani came in contact with Organics again.>

The Prime Directive

<Insert here how Archene observed and had been in his own ways in control of the Acruani ever since they came in contact with organics. Making special mentions to events such as the Intergalactic wars.>

And Then! There was Hami 

<Insert here very vague words about Archene finding Hami and getting his own body.>

Personality Edit

Archene was once a wide-eyed idealist who believed that there was a way to achieve greatness without sacrificing others to get it. Over time the obstacles he found made sure he understood that he simply wasn't trying hard enough. For his whole life as a Human, he kept his ideals strong.

As an Acruani, however, he could only rely on his Core to simulate what kind of reaction he would have. Emotions becoming more of a choice than anything. This lead his to find himself wearing jade-colored glasses, figuratively... because he does know all that may be wrong. All that cannot be solved. And how things are effectively good enough even in such situation. From time to time however, he follows his supposed emotions truly as interactions with organics would otherwise be pointless. (And a waste of facial muscles.)

Abilities Edit

Pure Data AcruaniEdit

  • As an Acruani, as long as he is connected to the Database. He is nearly impervious to data corruption of most kinds. As long as he is in possession of enough Cores, he is capable of simulating the same exchanges that normal Acruani can do with the Database making local perfect backups.
  • He is in control of the Database and the Prime Directive, which effectively make him the Acruani subconsious.
  • As an advanced being of Data, he can be found in more than a single location at once. Regardless of the distance in between them. Each instance of Archene fully capable of emulating the original to the extent their current Core allows them.
  • Virtual Immortality, what it is, how it is. A mystery.

Certainly Human BodyEdit

  • Archene's body has natural regeneration, resilience and speed far beyond any human. Though the specs are very difference from those of Genome projects, they are still incredibly above normal humans.
  • There are nano-machines coursing through his body further enhancing his regenerative abilities and giving him incredible resilience and strength. The nano-machines continuously apprimorate minor details against his body.
  • Due to the presence of a pseudo-Core in his body, Archene has limited direct access to the Collective. However, direct access to the Database has shown to be harmful to the body.

And he is also the master of the Ancient Angel of Lightning Hamiel, or just Hami for him.

Trivia Edit

  • Archene can in fact divide by 0.
  • Though he has no real feelings, Archene emulates them continuously 'for fun'. 
  • The most surprising fact in all of Archene's existence was the discovery of a tsudere angel of lightning.
  • The red eyes and black hair on his body are purely cosmetic.
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