Brundt 'People-Saver' was the second High Chief of the Drathian Union, and the first Drathian leader to make contact with an alien race. His reign was one of the strife and calamity that accompanies civil war. Overcoming this, the reign of Brundt was ended with the Drathian defeat in the Drathian-Keltaken War.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Brundt was born into a period of change for the Drathian people. Son to the great leader, Varkin 'Tribe-Slayer', who managed to unite the various warring tribes under Skraeling rule, Brundt was able to enjoy education and training most Drathians could only dream of. His childhood was mainly uneventful, learning the ways of home craft with his mother, Kara 'Sweet-Tooth', and being taught the path of the warrior with his father. By the time of his father's death in 3095, Brundt was a capable and well rounded leader.

Involvement in the Union Civil War Edit

Almost immediately after Varkin had passed, many resentful noblemen and women from the surrounding subjugated tribes raised arms against their Skraeling rulers. Aging at thirty five years, the newly ascended High Chief of the Drathian Union was thrown into the eve of a civil war.

In order to keep the loyalty of some of the smaller tribes in the Union who were still on the fence about joining the rebels, Brundt emptied his treasury to purchase gifts and bribes that would keep his already divided realm from shattering even further.

By the time Brundt returned to the Union capital of Skraela with his freshly bought army, he found that the village was under siege by rebel forces, with his garrison stuck inside. Brundt managed to surround the enemy from his position, pushing them against the village walls and completely encircling the body of their army. They were killed to a man, securing Skraela's position and dealing a heavy blow to the rebels.

Brundt, now with Skraela in safe hands, marched into rebel territory. Most of the border villages immediately surrendered, having lost most of their men in the previous battle. Some did offer resistance, though. By the time he had finished capturing the rebel's border territory, Brundt was faced with an even larger enemy army, freshly reinforced and moralized.

Forced on the retreat, Brundt tempted his enemy to stray too far from their supply lines, where he was able to cut them off and engage them directly. While the second battle of the rebellion was not as bloody, it resulted in three times the losses for the rebels as the first. Nearly every fighting man in the rebel army was captured after a lack of food had whittled away their will to fight. Having defeated a chunk of the enemy's forces for yet a second time, Brundt managed to broker a peace with the rebels in 3100, securing the integrity of the Drathian Union.

Ruling as High Chief Edit

Much of Brundt's reign was dedicated to rebuilding what was lost during the civil war. For the next twenty six years, Brundt locked himself away with his high council, planning and discussing the future of his realm. While not the public hero that his father was, Brundt was by no means a bad leader. He was able to rebuild the destroyed villages and structures, and established a system of outposts and beacons for better communication between villages. He continued the work of his father, constructing a network of roads that linked all of the major villages.

It was at this time, in 3124 that he met his wife, Filia 'Eye-Scar', who controversially was twenty years his younger. Six years after they had wed, Brundt sired his first born child, a daughter by the name of Zlasa. Having an heir to his throne and improving the Union over all, Brundt had finally crushed any notions of rebellion in his realm.

The next eighteen years were uneventful, as Brundt continued to expand the Union by threatening other independent tribes with war should they not accept his rulership. All did, and Brundt never had to raise a sword.

The Keltaken Invasion Edit

In the year 3148, Brundt had raised two children, eighteen year old Zlasa and fifteen year old Zavak. Them, along with his wife Filia, completed Brundt's life. He had accomplished his goal in stabilizing his realm, and brought prosperity to the Drathians under his rule. It was not to last.

Falling stars coming from the night sky startled the deeply spiritual Brundt, who believed them to be an omen that the world was to end. He had informed his High Council of the situation, but they scoffed at his suggestions. The stars, which had actually been Keltaken landing pods, crashed onto the surface. The Keltaken troops made short work of the Drathian's primitive army, and were soon enough sieging Skraela.

Brundt, along with a regiment of cavalry, met the Keltakens in battle, hoping to relieve the village of the siege. During his attack, Brundt managed to slay three Keltakens before an energy bolt through the chest killed him.

Personality Edit

Brundt, very much unlike his father, was a kind and passive man. He took special care in pleasing the gods through prayer and festival, going so far as to mistake the Keltaken army for the wrath of the divine. He had a strong will, similar to that of his ancestor, which allowed him to fight through multiple engagements despite the odds being stacked against him. This would later be his downfall during his battle against the Keltakens.

Overall, Brundt was a peaceful man, preferring diplomacy over war, but it was this peacefulness that betrayed him in his later years. Failing to militarize his country, Brundt's hope for diplomacy was met with a bullet to the heart.

Abilities Edit

Brundt had no special abilities, however, while not physically powerful like Varkin, Brundt did have a mind for military strategy.

Trivia Edit

  • Brundt was the first Drathian leader to come into contact with an alien race, while at the same time being the last one to rule over the Drathian Union. Despite being the leader who saw the Union destroyed, Brundt contributed the most to it.
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