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The Central Milky Way Galactic Megacorporation, or otherwise known as CenGaMeg, is a powerful megacorporation located in the center of the Milky Way. It is ruled by a 8-member Council.


The Megacorporation was established in the center of the Milky Way as a trade hub for the whole galaxy. It is one of the suppliers of the weapons of the Colonies, vastly improving them whenever they can. 8 companies that have built their own facilities in the center of the Milky Way decided to merge into 1 great megacorporation for unity and the greater good. In all actuality, they have become an independent nation instead of a simple company making profit.


The Megacorporation is ruled by an 8 member council that are the CEO's of each of the 8 companies that founded the CenGaMeg. They decide things through majority voting.





The members of the CenGaMeg number no more than 1.3 billion, so to make up for their small numbers, the C.W.M.G.M. makes heavy use of drones and AI's. The ships of the megacorporation are many times smaller than Colonial battleships, but are much faster, more mauneverable, and are much harder to target. Medusa class ships, which are shaped like a face without features but guns, are completely AI controlled and the AI's are given orders by a central command ship that also acts as shopyard. Medusa class ships measure 100 meters long, and are the mainline ships of the CenGaMeg.

The CenGaMeg is also the only faction that still uses cannon shells. They use it to great effect against enemy ships that had their shields drained by EMP.

Military Forces Edit[]

Star Forces[]

Medusa class destroyers -Mainline ships, Ai controlled. Armed with 120 mm cannons and 2 laser batteries. Tiamat class cruiser - Armed with plasma torpedoes and heavy blasters.

Planetary Forces[]

Power Levels Edit[]

Belligerence Level-1[]

Intelligence Level-8[]

Technology Level-9[]

Power Level-2[]