"Now you see me, now you don't."

- Dimensional submarine AI module

Summary Edit

The Dimensional Submarine are an elite ship class of starship in the Konstrikt Armada. They possess the ability to create rips in space matter, allowing themselves to be concealed completely under the rip. The exact explanation of their ability is very complicated for organics to understand. In simplest layman's terms, they are capable of manipulating space matter, and thus they are able to hide under it. The rips are interdimensional portals that allow them to stay in a virtual dimension, and when they are hidden, they are completely invulnerable. However, this also means they can only attack when they surface, which is their greatest weakness.

Armaments Edit

4 torpedo launchers

5 laser batteries

Originally, there were several hundred of these, but the the war against the Invaders and the consequent fall of their home galaxy reduced the numbers to 38 units. At the hands of a great commander, these andient relics can cripple an enemy, slowly but surely.

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