The Drathian military consists of a multitude of ranks, positions, and awards. Some of these items can be oddly and overly complex, while others are plainly simple. Much of Drathian military organization is borrowed from the Keltaken and Federated Colony models, as these two cultures have influenced the Fylkirate to extreme lengths.

Military Structure Edit

The Drathian military, while a single body, is seperated into two major factions. The Drathian Star Forces, focusing on battle within space, and the Drathian Ground Forces, meant for planetary engagements. The DSF and DGF are headed by the Grand Admiral and Grand General respectively, both of whom are handpicked among the best officers in the Drathian military by the active Fylkir, who acts as a sort of head executive for the military.

Both of these are then subdivided into two smaller factions, with the Drathian Star Fleet (DSF) and Drathian Planetary Force (DPF) being of more conventional build. The Drathian Space Monster Core (DSMC) and Drathian Beastmaster Core (DBC) are more specialized, and deal with organic warfare.

Drathian chart

While branches of the Star Forces end with the binary division into their standard and organic divisions, the Ground Forces continue to split past this. Both are divided into air, land, and sea branches, each meant to perform specific functions within their domains. While their are no further breakages as far as branches go, the smallest denominations of the Drathian military are further organized by the ranks of individual servicemen.

Order of Command Edit


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