"Welcome to the land of Eternal Frost and Fire, comrades!"

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Summary Edit

Durgadon is the capital world of the Kirdoni Commonwealth. It is a very peculiar planet. It is completely locked in its orbits, meaning that one side of the planet never faces the sun. and the other always faces the sun. The side that never faces the sun is a frozen wasteland, much like the inner Arctic. The temperature on the surface never goes above -30 degrees Celsius, and underground it is still fairly cold, but not as cold. underground, the average temperature is 10 degrees Celsius, and here underground is a supermassive megapolis that sprawls throughout the entire underground areas under this dark and cold place.

On the other side, there is a sweltering, fiery desert of sand that is separated from the other side by the river-like Musoroz Sea, where many innumerable species of marine life can be found. It is only in this sea that any life has thrived in Durgadon, as one side is a burning desert, and the other a frozen wasteland. The government is careful not to allow anyone to destroy the massive biodiversity in the Musoroz Sea, not even themselves.

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Stats Edit

Population - 9 billion (4 billion humans and 4.9 billion Kirdoni, numerous other immigrant races comprise the rest)

Diameter - 140,000 miles

Total fleet strength - 4,000 capital ships(IS, Tiger, Krushkevs), and 12,000 minor vessels(T-300's, Object 274, Black Eagles)

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