The Eldari a sapient humanoid race native to Aiurania. They have the greatest psionic ability of all races and are natural mind readers.

Origins Edit

The Eldari first evolved on Aiurania, a jungle world of 5 continents and 5 seas. Their evolution was guided by an unknown, all powerful race that faded away in time.

Originally, they were hunter-gatherers, but they discovered abandoned technology in caves. With simple psionics they deciphered the technology and became space-farers after a mere 1 million years.

Anatomy Edit

An average Eldari is 6-9 feet tall. They have broad chests and shoulders, and digitrade legs that allow to jump high. From the back of the head emerge the nerve cords, which allow them to communicate with each other psionically regardless of location. It also allows them to sense the emotions of people near them. A the top of the head is a bony crest. They lack visible mouths and ears, and have glowing eyes that vary in color according to their faction. Khydrinich Eldari have blue eyes, Shadow Templar have green eyes, and Diramshardim have red eyes. They have semi-permeable grey skin covered with scales. Humans listening to Eldari engaging in conversation usually hears strange sounds but the Eldari can translate what they are saying psionically to be heard by the ears of other races. They derive sustenance from light, and can go for extended periods of time without it. The Shadow Templar had to alter their biology to cope with the nearly lightless world of Shatur'argas.

When emotional, Eldari can leak psionic energies through their eyes, similarly to when a human will cry.

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