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"The Eldari Protectorate are the shattered remains of its once glorious predecessor, the Eldari Empire. Also known as the Daelaam, the shattered survivors of the Keltaken attack on Aiur, their homeworld. seek to reclaim their homeworld and rebuild their once mighty empire."

The Eldari Protectorate is the name of all Eldari controlled space in the Milky Way Galaxy. They control 2/4 of the Orion Arm. It is led by Hierarch Artanis.

One of the most scattered factions in existence, the Eldari Protectorate at times are no more than encampments on moons and asteroids, while at other times are powerful fortress planets, such as Shakuras, Aiur, and Endion. In addition, Eldari fleets have a wide range over the known universe; they are known to appear randomly in such places such as Andromeda, the Magellanic Clouds, the Milky Way's galactic center, and in Triangulum. They are such dedicated space farers that some of them have never touched a planet for a century or so in their long lives. Few are they in number, and yet somehow, they seem to be everywhere.



The Eldari first evolved on Aiurania (mysteriously under the guidance of the Ancients) a jungle world of 5 seas and 5 continents. They were formerly hunter-gatherers, but they unearthed highly advanced technology in caves, causing them to be space-farers after just a million years of evolution. However, hunger for more advancement caused the Great Eldari War, which killed millions of Eldari in its span of 300 years. Generations of Eldari were born, fought, and died. Colonies in the nearby worlds were destroyed.

Peace finally came after the revered mystic, Khassardin, unearthed khydrin crystals, which unlocked the psionic link the Eldari all shared. With it, they were united as one, and they turned Aiur from a schorched battlefield to a shining beacon of progress, the envy of the stars....

However, some Rogues dissented. They cut their nerve cords to show disdain for the new system, and in punishment they were banished to Shakuras, where they became known as the Shadow Templar. They never had any vile intents against their brethren, and they aided Aiur in any secret way they could.

The newly formed Eldari Empire extended control over half of the Orion Arm, and watched as humanity built colonies near their territory. They were concerned over the rate of which the humans were expending resources, but they never interfered....

When the First Intergalactic War erupted, a Terran fleet engaged an Eldari fleet near Eldari territory after misunderstandings. The Eldari Empire declared war against the United Republics of Earth, but after many battles with heavy casualties of both sides, the Eldari were defeated. They retreated back to the Koprulu Sector, recovering from the heavy losses. They waited for revenge...

The Second Intergalactic War exploded, and the Eldari started helping the Sovereign Colonies by sending pylons and hacking into Keltaken computers. The Keltakens discovered who the culprits on the hacking were-The Eldari Empire. In anger they sent a massive force against Aiur and the nearby colony worlds, killing 70% of the Khydrinich Eldari (those who adhere to Khassardin's new system). Throigh warp gates, they fled to Shakuras, where the Shadow Templar welcomed them.

With their Empire shattered, the survivors kept their existence secret from the Colonies, from everyone. The universe thought they were extinct, but all the time they searching for the Purifiers and Tal'darim, seeking for their assistance.

After 10 years, the Protectorate, the successor of the Empire, reemerged, and immediately went to reclaim Aiur. They revealed their survival to the Colonies, and their reemergence was headlines on the news. They invaded Aiur, but in the process they awakened the Invaders, and with this came chaos to the Milky Way. The Eldari Golden Armada and the Colonial fleet assisting them suffered heavy damage and retreated. The Colonies held a meeting in Xalion to decide the course of action against the Invaders, and the Hierarch attended, accompanied by Dark Prelate Zera'tai and High Executor Selderis.

Prior to this, the Shyl'na Kry'has gave the Protectorate an ihan crystal containing a catalysmic vision of the future, and the Hierarch showed it in Thylium. It led to the formation of the Intergalactic Armada.


Over the years, the Protectorate has sought many allies for survival. They include-

The Shadow Templar-Banished outcasts. They are cut off from the psionic link all Khalai Eldari have. Their former brethren sought asylum among them in their adopted homeworld, Shakuras.

Purifiers-Ancient robots that are extremely sentient and sapient, like the Acruani. They have the personalities and memories of Eldari that died within them.

Tal'darim-Outcasts, and are formerly thought of to be heretics. Their Highlord, Maldashis, was killed by a challenger, Algarak, who in turn was an ally of the Protectorate. The Tal'darim follow whoever is their highlord, and their inventions are almost copies of Protectorate counterparts.

Shyl'na Kry'has-The survivors of the fall of Aiur. They are led by an Oracle who saw a catalysmic vision that led to the formation of the Intergalactic Armada.

Hydroxyls - A species of beings of pure water native to Aiur. They are allied to the Eldari.


Khydrinich Eldari society has several levels of hierarchy, or castes. These are the Twilight Council, Judicators, Templar, and Khalai.

The Twilight Council are the highest class of all. They are the Eldari ruling council, being led by their de-facto leader, the Hierarch, Artanis.

The Judicators are the statesmen/stateswomen of society, or as they could be called, a Parliament or a Senate. They, along with the Twilight Council, can appoint Hierarchs/Matriarchs as well as make economic decisions.

The Templar are the warriors that defend the people. They are the second largest caste, the largest being the Khalai.

The Khalai are the caste of craftsmen, engineers, technicians, builders, and the rest of the general population.



Eldari technology is a blend of psionics and mundane technology. They are one of the most advanced races in the universe. Through out their long history, they were able to develop this advancement, and could have developed even more if they wished. The Eldari limit their use of technology, as they fear that their creations, many of whom are sentient or nearly sentient would turn on them(such as the Purifiers, who hesitated to help the Protectorate but were eventually persuaded).


Their weapons are mostly psionic energy based, examples are the psi-blades of Zealots and the particle disruptors of Stalkers. Immortals, Dragoons, Eradicators, and Vanguards are all piloted by warriors that were injured beyond repair, and those that fell in battle are given two choices - Serve once again as a pilot submerged in a glass tank filled with a nutrient solution, or be replicated into a Purifier.

Military Forces[]

Star Forces[]

Eldari ships focus on manipulating the enviroment and deception. Their unique scare tactic is to decieve foes that they are fighting a much larger force than reality using mirror images, and the Tal'darim use mists of terrazine to deflect radio signals and induce euphoria on enemy organics that enter the mists. Shadow Templar rely on stealth and mobility, while Purifiers rely on their extreme efficiency and survivability.


The main capital ships of the Golden Armada of the Eldari are carriers, which produce and launch robotic Interceptors, which are light fighters and can be built in just one minute. They also have repair drones. Each carrier can produce simultanously 50 Interceptors at any time, and can carry 400 at maximum. Carriers usually lack their own armanents, with the exception of super carriers like the Garthithros, the command ship of Judicator Syndrelix of the First Lost Fleet, which are armed with photon beams.


Tempests are capital ships with EMP attacks that ignore shields, which makes them dangerous. Whats more is that they deal extra damage to massive ships, such as Battlestars or battleships. They are the most fearsome "artillery" the Eldari wield in their fleet, wielding a great attack range of 5 lightyears.

Void Rays[]

Escort ships are Protectorate Void Rays. Void Rays deal horrifying amounts of damage to heavily armored targets as long they are focused.


Destroyers are the Tal'darim variant of the Void Ray. Destroyers are originally stolen Void Rays that were modified.Instead of the stable prismatic core of the Void Rays, the Destroyer has an unstable beam that causes the beam to be colored red and allows it to chain its attacks against multiple targets. It is highly effective against massed armored enemies. They are known the destroy entire squadrons of enemy ships on their own.

Phoenixes and Corsairs[]

Air superiority fighters are Phoenixes, which can lift enemies from the ground rendering them useless, and Corsairs, which can power down defensive structures and make them worthless for moments. Phoenixes are armed with Ion cannons which are effective against lightly armored foes and Corsairs attack with neutron flares, which are also effective against light armor.


Motherships are capable of creating holograms(up to 300) and also have Interceptors. They can mow down a line of enemy ships with their destruction wave, which takes time to charge.


Arkships are supermassive, moonsized starships. They were built during the Golden Age to ensure the survival of the Eldari in case their is an invasion. Two were destroyed in the fall of Aiur but one managed to escape. Another was built in Shakuras. They carry Interceptors, and can bring with them an entire civilization. Their most powerful weapons are the solar cannons, which can destroy a planet or mow down enemy ships quickly. It takes time to charge them.

Purifier platforms[]

These are massive relics of the Golden Age, built as the vaults of the Purifiers. They are capable of destroying all life on a planet's surface by firing a purifier beam, and they also function as flying fortresses and shipyards. They also have the cunning ability to disentegrate themselves and turn into independent ships, allowing them to fight off entire fleets on its own.

Planetary Forces[]


The bulk of the Eldari ground troops are comprised of Zealots, lower ranked members of the warrior caste, the Templar. They are armed with energy blades that are often modified to psi-axes and psi-spears. There are also Old Aiur and Purifier versions of the Zealot. The Avenger, which is capable of tearing through enemy squads by spinning around with their modified psi-axes. The Purifiers have Sentinels, which reconstruct themselves once after being destroyed.


Avengers are old Aiur variant of the Zealot. They are armed with psi-axes that allow them to tear apart a large force of enemies by spinning in a whirlwind attack. Avengers are the Zealots found in stasis underground in Aiurania when the Protectorate reclaimed the planet. They were first bewildered but eventually joined the forces of the Protectorate, participating in many battles such as the Second Battle of Tau Volantis and The Last Stand. They were especially feared for their ferocity and innate battle rage that fuels their prowess in battle.

Shadow Templars[]

The Shadow Templar are former outcasts that were banished by the Eldari Empire during the Great Discord. Their adopted homeworld is Shatur'argas. The psionic abilities of the Shadow Templar are very different from Khydrinich Eldari. They are capable of cloaking themselves, and it is harder to detect them, because they do not use ordinary cloaking technology.


For anti-air and backup for the Zealots, the Eldari have the Dragoon and Stalker. Dragoons are crippled Zealots that still wish to serve. Thus they were placed within nutrient solution tanks within a walking exoskeleton that attacks with a phase disruptor.


Stalkers are willing Shadow Templar who fused themselves to the machine, granting them the ability of short-range teleportation or "blinking". They use carapace-mounted particle disruptors to attack.

Immortals, and Eradicator, and Vanguard Variants[]

Robotic assault forces are Immortals, designed by the Protectorate, which have hardened shields that negate powerful attacks but are weak to weaker attacks. Eradicators, which are a Shadow Templar variant, can attack air forces but lack hardened shields. Finally Vanguards which are modified by the Tal'darim are highly advanced rocket launchers, at least from a human perspective.


Siege forces are either Reavers or Colossi. Reavers are modified from a civilian transporter to a dreaded sieger. It launches slow moving yet highly explosive scarabs, which can eradicate an entire town in seconds.


Colossi are feared 17 story high Purifier machines that incinerate foes with their thermal lances. They can climb cliffs quickly with its very long legs, but their height also lets them be attacked with anti-air attacks. They have no "blind spot" and can strike right next to itself.


Spell-casters, or rather, psionic specialists, are Protectorate High Templars and Tal'darim Ascendants. They both blast areas with psionic storms that destroy the minds of enemies and drive insane those who are not killed. They also use the energy of enemies against the enemies, or "feedbacking."

Sentry and Energizer Drones[]

Support drones are either Protectorate Sentries or Purifier Energizers. Sentries and Energizers reduce incoming damage with Guardian Shields, block enemy advances with force fields, and create hallucinations. Energizers are also capable of strengthening the attacks of allies.

Power Levels[]

Belligerence Level[]

3 -

As much as the Eldari hate conflict within themselves, so do they dislike war with foreigners. They will, however, fight to their best of their ability if needed.

Intelligence Level[]


Being masters of psionics, their intelligence can be assumed to be very great.

Technology Level[]


A very long history allowed them to develop highly advanced technology.

Power Level[]


They hold half of the Orion Arm.