A galactic nation is any sort of civilization that has managed to reach deep space. These political bodies can range from a single planet trading with other powers to a grand empire sprawling across entire galaxies. Galactic nations boast an extreme variety of alien species and types of governments, each one with their own unique culture and way of life. Some nations, such as the Keltaken Empire, pride themselves on power and strength. Others, such as the Acruani Collective mean only to seek more of the infinite knowledge of the universe.

Drak Flag

The flag of the Drathian Fylkirate, a prominent galactic nation.

Galactic nations are the main driving force behind events in the universe, affecting matters both big and small. From the everday life to a backwater colony to grand wars that determine the fate of the entire universe, galactic nations are the core of it all. Every day, a new species is born on any of the trillions of planets of space, and each species has a chance to be the head of one of these space faring powers.

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