"This is your Hierarch, commanding the Sword of Aiur!"

- Artanis arrives in the Last Stand

Artanis is the leader of the Eldari Protectorate.

Biography Edit


Personality Edit

"...But we shall not break. We are the Daelaam, united as never before! En Taro Adun! En Taro Tassadar! En Taro Zeratul!"

Artanis is known for being charismatic in leadership, and is able to inspire his warriors with only a few sentences of epic speech. Before he was like this however, he questioned the decision of the Twilight Council and the remaining Judicators to make him Hierarch. He felt so unworthy for such a position;he thought there must be someone else more worthy. He eventually accepted the decision however, and became the great leader he is now today.

Abilities Edit

As the leader of the Eldari, he wields some very powerful abilities. He is able to use a warp blade and psi-blade in tandem, and also has the strongest psi shields among all Eldari warriors. He is able to teleport a short range like a Stalker, and is famous for slaying an entire legion of Keltakens while holding them off away from a warp gate in Aiurania where the Eldari are fleeing to Shatur'argas.

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