"I am Algarak, First Ascendant of the Tal'darim."

- Algarak introduces himself

Algarak is the current Highlord of the Tal'darim. He is known for his brutality and intolerance in battle.

Biography Edit


Personality Edit

"I care not for freedom. It makes a people soft. Freedom is a delusion granted to the weak by the strong. I will destroy Maldashis and save my people from oblivion, but they will not be 'free'. They will serve me."

"You speak like a Keltaken."

- Artanis and Algarak

Algarak is brutal, authoritarian, and unforgiving. He lets nothing stand in the way of his revenge, and freely manipulates others. He is also a known terrazine addict. Despite this, he somehow did not betray the Eldari Protectorate and is sincere when it comes to bargains. Because of this, the Tal'darim are now an integral part of the Protectorate.

Abilities Edit

Algarak is one of the most powerful Eldari, possessing high physical strength as well as powerful psionic powers capable of destroying stasis fields, walls, and can even repel most other high-ranked foes, including High Invaders. His affinity to terrazine is a reason for this.

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