"The Colonies were born out of the cruelest of atrocities, through the sheer feelings of hate and rebellion of the oppressed against their oppressors."~The Colonial Records
The Federated Colonies have one of the bloodiest and most chaotic history among all the nations in the known universe. Born during the chaotic years that marked the end of the Long Night, carrying the dreams of unity, freedom, and equality of many human and alien systems and worlds that came together to face a common enemy, Earth, the Federated Colonies had a really violent past. In their five centuries of history, the Colonies have continuously been at war, expanding and protecting their three ideals, despite all the efforts of the Colonies to face the fate and build a lasting peace. The Federated Colonies have come to represent the history of most of the human and alien nations which broke away from the influence of the Old Earth. Times of despair and times of victory have marked their long history, which have all led to the present state of the Federation.

The Seeds of Secession, the Long Night of Mankind(2180-2600) Edit

The Spark of Secession, Earth's Second Expansion(2600-2650) Edit

The Rebellion, the First Secession War(2650-2800) Edit

The Armistice, the First Cold War, and the Golden Age(2800-3014) Edit

The Years of Desperation, the Second Secession War(3014-3019) Edit

The Decadence, the Second Cold War(3019-3148) Edit

The Dark Years, the First Intergalactic War(3148-3152) Edit

The Years of Peace, Between the Intergalactic Wars(3152-3155) Edit

The Years of Blood, The Second Intergalactic War(3155-3160) Edit

The Years of Chaos, After the Second Intergalactic War(3160-3165) Edit

The Years of Recovery, Preparing for War.(3165-3172) Edit

The Final Decline, The Second Great War, the The Colonial-Terran War(3172- present) Edit

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