"Did you honestly think you'd succeed in your betrayal? No. We've made it our duty to protect the Confederacy against all threats external and internal. Our agents are the shadows on the walls all over the Confederacy, and at the first hint of disloyalty, the shadows become monsters. And right now, you're dealing with the monster." -Phantom One, Jack Markinson, most senior agent of Imperial Intelligence.

Imperial Intelligence, formerly Confederate Intelligence, is the espionage, counterespionage, counterterror, and moral enforcement agency of the Dothvalian Confederacy. Technically, its oversight authority covers the entire IIA, and its primary duties include guarding the Confederacy from external threats and internal betrayal. However, if the Confederate Military is busy with wartime operations or additional manpower is needed, Intelligence will send its agents to the front lines.

This approach has mixed success, working very well during the Traitors' War and the Drathian Civil War.

History Edit

Founding Edit

Imperial Intelligence was founded in the Western Terran Federation, a briefly-held territory on Earth by the Dothvalian Confederacy. Within this territory, the Confederacy established numerous dig sites, and also some colonies. However, they retreated from these during the Second Intergalactic War. Before retreating, they took one major relic from the planet. Initially, it was believed that the Colonies had stolen it. But due to a clever ploy by the Governor, this failed. Confederate Intelligence was reorganised afterwards, becoming Imperial Intelligence. Under the leadership of the capable Isabel Silva, Imperial Intelligence began its first operation, which consisted of spies being kidnapped and brought to space, where they were executed. The first agent and executioner of Imperial Intelligence was Jack Markinson, who would be codenamed forevermore as Phantom One.

Cold War Edit

Second Intergalactic War Edit

During this war, Intelligence mostly focused on counter-terrorism. They were working against a group of anti-government, anti-human terrorists known as the Enemies Of Humanity, who declared war on the Confederate Government after Sharp began pursuing policies of peace and cooperation with the Federated Colonies. This resulted in nearly a decade of war.

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