The Colonial Ministry for State Security (CS: Koloniale Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, KMfS), commonly known as the KOLSI (abbreviation CS: Koloniale Staatssicherheit, literally the Colonial State Security), also the Federal Security Service (CS:Bundessicherheitsdienst, BSD), is the official state security service of the Federated Colonies, reuniting the foreign and domestic intelligence agencies of the Federation into a single security organization.

The KOLSI has the task to protect the Federated Colonies, its government, citizens, constitution, and principles, against all foreign and domestic threats that might threaten the integrity and sovereignty of the Colonies, or the freedom and equality of its citizens.

Operating in accordance with the Articles of Colonization, as a federal organization, the KOLSI is mainly used as a civilian and military intelligence and counterintelligence agency, working legally inside the Colonies under the Federal Government, and also most likely spying other nations from this corner of the universe.

Initially created as the Colonial Intelligence Agency(CS:Bundesnachrichtendienst), it was reorganized as the KOLSI by the Federal Government during the Second Intergalactic War, while it took a more stronger role at combating the Imperial Intelligence. Ever since, the KOLSI has proven itself really useful in maintaining the Federated Colonies, helping it against enemies from both outside, and inside.

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