Brief Description Edit

The Kirdoni are a race of arachnoids hailing from the icy nightside of the tidally locked planet of Durgadon. They comprise 55% of the total population of the Kirdoni Commonwealth.

Most of the time, they function as deadly frontline warriors and assassins for the Molot Naroda.

Origins Edit

The Kirdoni were born from the icy nightside of the tidally locked planet of Durgadon, one of the unlikiest birth places for life. In the narrow strip between the night and day side, numerous species thrive in the massive Musohroz Ocean and its islands, but in the night side, very few life forms have ever developed. This extremely hostile environment turned the Kirdoni into one of the most enduring species in the known universe, being able to survive extremes in temperature and salinity without causing any damage to them. And perhaps best of all, the night side has numerous natural resources, and the Kirdoni used them in order to advance technologically and economically. Quick was their advancement, and within several thousand years after their birth, Kirdoni colony ships crossed the void of space in order to colonize other worlds. However, an unexpected new comer came - humans. 

Anatomy Edit

They seem to be an ant and a spider crossbred. Their carapaces are like rugged steel, and they have four pairs of limbs, three for walking and one pair for manipulation. They have six eyes, but they usually wear hoods that makes their eyes hardly visible to an onlooker. Despite being arachnoids, the Kirdoni are endothermic and survive(and thrive) in cold temperatures. Their blood is red, and they can see beyond the ultraviolet spectrum of light. They have natural body armor that makes it hard to kill them with small caliber kinetic guns.

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