"Our Soviet Union subjugates the whole world

Like a gigantic bear from the East.

The sheep wander aimlessly, without any cause,

Yet the Soviet bear’s on the hunt.

Our brotherhood’s a good life, Our generosity is without compare.

All those with us are strong,

All those against us, beware.

It’d be a shame if we had hardships.

To all those around us, it’s not worth your while

If we were to turn you to ashes.

We thank you profoundly, and bow to you deeply,

From the mightiest nation in all the world."

- Commonwealth Anthem, "March of the Union"

The Kirdoni Commonwealth of Soviet Socialist States, or most commonly called the KirCom or simply called the Commonwealth, is a traditionally fiercely isolationist state in the heart of the Magellanic Cloud 2.

History Edit

The future Commonwealth was an unlikely place; 83% of all of its planets are wasteland worlds, deemed never fit for human habitation. However, long before human colonists came to the future Commonwealth, an alien race called the Kirdoni built great subterranean cities within the dark confines of the dungeons they dug through the ground of the world they colonized. Within the winding tunnels and mines, the Kirdoni forged a mighty civilization. Great was their glory, and long were they unchallenged in their rule. However, their Empire was shattered when the Tagrans struck from the darkness, reducing the Empire to 20% of its former territory. The Empire struggled to survive, turning to various allies simply to keep itself alive. Nicassir, Tetrons, Neuros, Helvatins, and Kinerothin were among them. However, even with their newfound allies's support, the Tagran were simply too mighty of a foe to defeat. The Kirdoni were desperate; if the Tagran are not defeated, they will engulf the whole of Magellanic Cloud 2 and bring it under their dark dominion.

That was, until when humanity arrived.

Human colony ships and their massive escort fleets arrived in waves in the galaxy. As they came, they came under attack from the rampaging Tagran forces. Seeing the opportunity, the Kirdoni immediately asked for their assistance, offering the humans entire star sectors in which they can settle. The humans were at first hesitant to accept the offer of a xeno race that they have never met before, but seeing the Empire's struggle against the Tagrans, they accepted.

The scattered colony fleets launched their own coordinated assaults against the Tagran, punishing them at multiple fronts whilst the Kirdoni and their allies pushed towards the Tagran capital world. Caught between defending their capital from such a massive force and trying to beat back so many attacks at the same time, the tide turned and the Tagran lost, pushed back to their deep dungeons from where they came from.

The Kirdoni fulfilled their bargain, giving the humans a full number of 50,000 worlds as well as assistance in establishing the colonies. But it was a struggle...

Establishing the first colony worlds, even with the Kirdoni's assistance, was a struggle. It is primarily because of the lack of a reliable power source that can be used continually. This place had no Opilium, oil, natural gas, coal, or anything of that sort. The colonists had to rely on their solar powered ships to supply them energy, and brownouts were the order of the day, simply because the ships can't cope with the massive energy demands of building hundreds of colonies. It was like this until the first Premier rose to power. Iosif Stalin.

Stalin ordered prospectors to find all possible sources of energy that can be found, as the Kirdoni likewise relied on solar power, and even for them, they lacked technology good enough to build solar stations.They searched until they finally found a power source - Helium 3. They found gargantuan Helium 3 deposits in the fringe planets that were very sparsely colonized due to their barrenness.

Because of this, the energy dilemma was finally solved, and technology began to advance very rapidly. Later, a very elastic metal was found in some isolated planets, and it was named Stalinium in order of the Premier that led them out of the energy problem.

For the next years, the Commonwealth was generally peaceful, having only to deal with minor annoyances, such as Ujarn Pirates and Islamists. However, a great war sparked against the ancient enemies of the Kirdoni, the Tagran. The Tagran, having recovered from their losses from the war 200 years ago, have struck back once again. A grueling war raged for 20 years from 3012 to 3022, with the Commonwealth finally crushing the last Targran forces in the Battle of the Steel Nebula. However, it took heavy costs to win. At least 10% of the population died in the process, and only the morale support of the Orthodox Church kept the citizens fighting. The Tagran were nearly completely obliterated, and their technology was taken by the Commonwealth for themselves as fair payment. Rebuilding, however, was not very difficult, since the damage was mostly in the colony fringe worlds, where there was not much to destroy.

The KirComm, as it was often called, remained neutral in the First and Second Intergalactic Wars, and were completely unscathed. The Commonwealth thrived on. However, the Commonwealth citizens hoped for a Colonial victory, as their forefathers come from the Milky Way.

The Commonwealth has now decided to fight against the Invaders, and has crawled out its shell of isolation to show its full hidden power to the rest of the universe...

Government Edit

The Commonwealth is a parliamentary democracy that holds referenda on very serious issues, such as wars and rebellions. However, the Kirdoni High Queen holds significant power over the Kirdoni population, who comprise at least 55% of the total population.

The Parliament represents the people, and each MP is the governor is one of the 130,000 worlds that the Commonwealth holds. The Premier is the leader of Parliament, and can veto an unfavorable decision passed by the Parliament. The Premier and the High Queen cooperate in ruling the nation.

Technology Edit

Civilian Edit

The technology of the KirCom is a blend between the respective tech of the Kirdoni and human colonists. Their blending has produced unique technology hardly ever seen nowhere else. Examples of this include the massive solar towers that extend very high into space, measuring up to 3,600 kilometers high or even more. These towers supply power to planets that cannot easily access Helium 3.

Military Edit

The Commonwealth wields a powerful fighting force, the Molot Naroda (The Hammer of the People). It is the general name of the Armed Forces.

The Commonwealth is just one level below the Colonies in technology, and so is a formidable foe. The Iosif Stalin battleship and the Tiger battle carriers are the most powerful ships of the Molot Naroda, and the reasons are mostly technological. First, the IS has deflective curved Stalinium armor, making kinetic weapons nearly useless against it. At the same time, it has powerful shields, which makes it a hard nut to crack. Secondly, the Tiger has special shields, called Rabotorgovets shields, mostly due to its ability to absorb energy beams and convert it to shield energy. However, unlike the IS which has both good armor and shields, the Tiger has thin armor because the thicker the armor, the harder it becomes to convert the beams.

Another thing is that Tiger is surrounded by a large solar panel array, with which they draw energy to power their shields and fire their powerful solar beams, which capable of ripping apart enemy ships standing on a line. However, all of these fantastic abilities create a large production cost, so the IS and Tiger are always the fewest in a battle fleet. In fact, the Tiger costs twice as much to produce a Generation IV Battlestar, and the IS is one and a half percent costlier.

As a whole -

  • Commonwealth battleships and superheavy tanks are completely impervious to kinetic and ballistic attacks.

Military Forces Edit

The Commonwealth forces focus on survivability and powerful offensive attacks, which allowed them to destroy quickly most of minor enemies that tried to destabilize it from within.

Star Forces Edit


Object 274 Class Destroyer Edit

The Object 274 is an AI controlled destroyer. It has light armor and weaponry, but it is very agile, and they always attack in groups, which makes them a strong fighting force. In addition, they are all connected and work in perfect unison.

T-300 Cruiser Edit

The T-300 is the main workhorse of the Molot Naroda other than the Object 274. It has medium armor and weaponry. It is also the main escort ship.


Krushkev Carrier Edit

Basically a Tiger without the Rabotorgovets shields and with better armor, the Krushkev relies only on its fighters; both robotic and piloted to fight for it, as it is completely unarmed. It is always accompanied by T-300's and Object 274's.


Vostok Medium Fighter Edit

The versatile fighter of the Molot Naroda.

Sputnik Heavy Fighter Edit

The Sputnik is a super heavy shock fighter deployed only by the Tiger battlecarriers. It is used by only by aces that have excelled on using the Vostok medium fighters. It is capable of protecting itself from all directions, as it is the space age version of the B-17 Superfortress. It has 5 auto cannon turrets mounted on it, and has two launchers and two laser blasters.

Soyuz Robotic fighter Edit

The Soyuz are twice faster than either Vostoks or Sputniks, and thus more frightening. It attacks with two phaser guns, and always attacks in swarms.

Black Eagle Frigate - A stealthy and deadly attack vessel, it can stay right beside an enemy ship while still going unnoticed until it is too late. It fires pyroplasmic grenades and kinetic cannons.

Planetary Forces Edit

Prizyvniki Edit

The prizyvniki are the mainline infantry. They are conscripts, but they are amazingly loyal and always stick stubbornly to the objective no matter what. They don powered armor suits and fight with railgun rifles.

Kirdoni Silkweaver Edit

Trained since birth to weave webs with skill, Silkweavers entangle enemy infantry and tanks in their webbing, which has fibers as thick as a finger and are as strong as steel. Once they do their dirty job, their comrades eliminate the entangled foes.

Kirdoni Undertaker Edit

Undertakers are Kirdoni fighters that specialize in burrowing underground. They are able to "swim' underground, and attack enemy ground infantry from under the ground.

ASU-500Y Edit

These are stealthy low profile tank destroyers armed with cruiser guns. Yes, you read it, the guns of cruisers. The cruiser guns they wield are 8 inch calibers, and for a gun that big it has relatively fast reload speed. 6.1 seconds is what is needed.

T-98 Firefly Edit

Medium tanks that are swift, and can quickly deal exasperating amounts of damage with their 105 mm guns that reload no faster than 1.5 seconds. Furthermore, they can go at 79 km\h.

Tesla Tank Edit

The Tesla Tanks are one of the most dreaded machines of the Molot Naroda. It fires blasts of lightning from its tesla coils, and it is extremely lethal against armored vehicles and infantry.

Mirage Tank Edit

Mirage Tanks are heavy anti-armor vehicles that pulverize foes with photon beams. It is capable of hiding nearby allies by disguising them as something else, such as trees, rocks, and animals.

Frontoviki Kill Drones Edit

The Frontoviki kill drones are killer robots that are programmed to indiscriminately murder everything and everyone that is registered as "hostile" on its system. That said, Frontoviki drones can easily mow down a charging horde with rapid laser fire.

Kampaneya Walkers Edit

Kampaneya Walkers are 2 man walkers that fire nuclear lined missiles at their enemies. The kampaneya walkers can still run through the ruins of a city while its thermonuclear weapons bring oblivion to the enemies of the Commonwealth.

T-34/120 Superheavy Tank Edit

The T-34/120 superheavy tanks are the bane of any massive foe. Armed with 120 millimeter kinetic cannons that can pierce armor 2 inches thick, as well having stalinium armor 900 millimeters thick, they are truly the behemoths of the Molot Naroda.

Desolator Troopers

Desolators are elite soldiers armed with toxic blasters. The blasters spray deadly toxic wastes at their foes. These highly acidic and corrosive wastes can consume enemy infantry and tanks within seconds of contact.

Levels Edit

Belligerence - Edit


The Belligerence of the Kirdoni Commonwealth is at 6.7 The Commonwealth does not hesitate to destroy any intelligent species that it perceives to pose a threat to it. In the process, around 21 intelligent races have been eradicated by the Commonwealth since 2900, and their names have been erased from the annals of history, never to be remembered. What evidences remained of the genocides are rotting ruins in the planets of those who were eradicated, but the Commonwealth has closed off access to this planets. However, the Commonwealth is still reasonable, and around 37 races have voluntarily joined it.

Intelligence - 

The intelligence level of the KirComm is at 9.1. It is composed of organics, plus an AI race called the Neuros, who alongside the brightest minds of the Commonwealth(composed mostly of humans and Helvatins), create the technological wonders of the Commonwealth. 

Technology -

The technology of the KirComm is at 8.6. It used to be at 7.4 prior to the Tagran invasion, but thereafter, the Commonwealth took all the Tagrans's technology for itself. In addition, the 21 races that were eradicated also had their technology taken by the Commonwealth, and this incorporation is the reason behind the Molot Naroda's technological wonders, especially the IS battleship's armor and the shield barriers erected by lines of Tiger Battlecarriers.

Power - The power and influence of the Commonwealth is 4.2. Though it has only 130,000 systems, it has numerous military alliances with the smaller nations in the Magellanic Cloud 2, and it is the single largest nation in its galaxy, so its influence is galactic====


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