List of named minor characters in the RP series

Colonial characters Edit

Albedo-The first Genome user created by the Genesis Genome Project

Angelo- the first Genome 2 user created by the Genesis Genome Project

Karl von Serrano, Head Scientist of the Science Division, creator of the Genesis Genome Project and Genesis Centoria Project

Wilhelm von Zerrin- Director of the Federated Colonies Intelligence Agency

Confederate characters Edit

Jack Markinson- Highest-ranked Phantom Agent in Imperial Intelligence. Personal friend and advisor of Director Isabel Silva.

Isabel Silva- Former Director Of Confederate Intelligence, Founder and Current Director Of Imperial Intelligence, currently married to Governor Sharp.

Regent Graam Parrys (Note: Hasn't appeared since Galactic Powerplay- Official Head Of The Confederate Navy.

Ambassador John Magus- Confederate diplomat tasked with meeting foreign representatives when the Governor is busy.

Jupiterran Characters Edit

Gaius Silverheart - Star Admiral of the Jupiterran Relikan Star Fleet. Descended from the bloodline of Star Admiral Augustine Relikai. Class B Genius, Class S comedian and Shimazaki Haruna's personal teaser. Godfather of said victim.

Kanzaki Silverheart - Fleet Admiral of the Rengou Kantai of the Jupiterran Relikan Star Fleet. Wife of Gaius Silverheart, Godmother of Shimazaki Haruna

Shimazaki Haruna - Vice-Admiral of the JRSF Yui, Second in Command to Great Admiral Alexander Werther of the Federated Colonies. Official Class A Genius, Class Unknown in reality.

Keltaken characters Edit

Eldari characters Edit

Praetor Karass - Commander in the Reclamation of Aiurania. He was killed when the Shield of Aiur was destroyed by the monolith's emerald beam.

Dark Prelate Morhan - Second in command of the Shadow Templar and leader of the Arkira Tribe.

High Templar Kharvad - Second in command of commander Higlex in the second battle of Tau Volantis.

Judicator Syndrelix - Lord Admiral of the First Lost Fleet.

High Executor Selderis - Leader of the Templar Caste

Dwarven characters Edit

Admiral Hirgesom Kharg - Commander of the Dwarven fleet on Aiur as well as the one who led the evacuation of the Dwarven worlds.

Acruani characters Edit

Esh'd'Estar - An Acruani that is conversing with a Marker call Phi.

Alliance of the Free Stars characters Edit

Drathian characters Edit

  • Commander Krix - Commander aiding the Sein'Hae people.
  • Commander Axua - Commander aiding the Sein'Hae and twin sister to Krix.
  • Captain Xikcha 'Snake-Tongue' - Captain of the DSMC Spriggan
  • Rykir 'Iron-Tooth' - Special agent under Spymaster Taka 'Ghost-Ear'
  • Avik 'Three-Eyes' - Drathian scientist researching Abyssal artifacts
  • Hunter Gl'aar - Personal defender of the young Fylkja back on Drathia.
  • Admiral Xichi - Drathian defender of Goblonius. Captain of the DSMC Hydra
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