This page catalogues the many various minor alien races in every nation there is.

Kirdoni Commonwealth Edit

Nicassir Edit

Goatlike humanoids. They have white fur, humanlike eyes, and walk barefoot. Adult Nicassir have long horns that bend backwards, and the Nicassir have powerful psychic powers. There are never more than around 7 billion of them in existence, but they are one of the most important minor races in service to the Commonwealth, lending their psychic powers in battle as well as astropathic communications when radios are insufficient.

They are also capable of pyrokinesis and levitation.

Tetrons Edit

An AI race. The Tetrons are remarkably human-like; in fact they resemble humans so much that the only obvious difference between is one is machine and the other is organic. However, their difference comes to light in battle; A Tetron can effortlessly tear an enemy soldier in half with its bare hands, and an assortment of weapons come out of the palm of their hands.

Neuros Edit

Another AI race, the Neuros exist primarily as sentient computer programs that permeate the Commonwealth's cyberspace. Their usual functions are being the powerful logic machines that drive the Commonwealth's technology forward, alongside the human scientists and the Helvatins.

Helvatins Edit

The Helvatins are highly intelligent panda-like aliens that are also proficient in martial arts, crushing assailants with their paws and bladed weapons. They have a Chinesesque culture, and alongside the humans and Neuros, they are the scientists that fuel the Commonwealth's furious technological progress.

Kinerothin Edit

One of the warrior races of the Commonwealth, they are canine aliens that are extremely prideful, war like, and like killing stuff in general. The Kirdoni saw that their brutal efficiency in combat was needed for them to overcome the Tagran, and made an uneasy alliance with them. Though right now, the Kinerothin are content to hunt down criminals as part of the KGB.

Their favorite weapons are a pair of energy axes with which they hack apart their enemies like chickens in a slaughter house.

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