This page collates the various nation categories, from smallest to largest.

State Powers Edit

Smaller than a planetary power, this kind of nation are either nations that are part of a planet that is not united, or tribal societies that wander their homeworld. These nation can be capable or incapable of space flight, depending on their technological advancement. When they are capable of space flight, it is usually very limited.

Planetary Powers Edit

These nations are single united planets under a single government, but are yet to colonize another world. They may be capable of space flight, but are yet to develop technology that allows colonization. At other times, they may be rather advanced worlds under the tutelage of superpowers, or of regional powers.

Single System Powers Edit

These nations have already developed technology that allows colonization, but have only reached their home system. In addition, their colonization efforts may be rather slow, as single system powers often lack FTL, which makes space travel within their star system take years.

Multi-system Powers Edit

These nations have colonized multiple star systems, and are usually capable of FTL.

Regional Powers Edit

These have colonized hundreds or thousands of systems, and have strong, established star fleets that can fight other regional powers, and sometimes, even superpowers head to head. At other times, they are autonomous parts of superpowers.

- Kirdoni Commonwealth

- Sovereign Kraljvanian Republics

- Holy Empire of Luminaris

Superpowers Edit

Truly massive nations that have millions, or hundreds of millions of worlds. Their influence stretches across multiple galaxies, and often fight massive, bloody wars with other superpowers in which billions or trillions die at any one time. These usually have been in existence for centuries, but the Drathian Fylkirate is nearly only a century old, making it the youngest superpower in existence.

- Federated Colonies

- Dothvalian Confederacy

- Acruani Collective

- Drathian Fylkirate

Remnant Nations Edit

Formerly glorious empires and superpowers, these nations are defined by the fact that they are often comprised of what is essentially a refugee population, or otherwise are survivors of some natural disaster or alien invasion that destroyed their empire.

- Eldari Protectorate

Rogue Nations Edit

These nations are nations that are very clandestine and usually none except for themselves know of their existence. At times, they are seeking for revenge.

- Dellieggen Ascendancy

- Nal'thar Empire

Nomad Fleets Edit

As the name suggests, these are nation that have no homeworlds on which to settle; instead their entire population is within a massive collection of star ships.

- Relikan Star Fleet

- Purifiers

Ancient Empires Edit

These are Empires that have existed for many thousands of years, and have somehow survived to the present day. Ancient Empires are very rare, as there is only a 1 in a billion chance that any civilization will not collapse on itself on the way. They are usually extremely advanced, and oftentimes have a superior view of themselves over younger nations.

- Union of the Suprion Empires

- Keltaken Imperium

Dormant Hibernators Edit

These nations are comprised of dormant individuals that have remained inactive, aka, asleep for thousands of years.

- Metaton Encryptors

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