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The Acruani Collective, or simply the Collective or the Acruani, is the name given to a number of systems, planets and ships in Andromeda, Triangulum and Magellanic Cloud 2 completely or mostly controlled by the Acruani, a race of highly advanced AI.


It is mysterious. (WIP)[]


The Acruani Collective, regardless of the currently presence of unmodified organics, was and is a Hive Mind composed by all the Acruani. It currently has sovereignty over several Human and Loroi in Andromeda.

The Acruani Hive Mind, otherwise known as The Database, distributes Data (any form of knowledge), Matter (any physical material), and Missions (any request properly made to the Database) around based on the Authority Rank of an individual, Acruani or otherwise. This allows for proper redistribution of resources through the entirety of the Acruani Collective.

Authority System[]

Every single being that is recognized as a part of the Acruani Collect has an Authority Rank from 1 to 9 which measures its ability to obtain Data from The Database. While only Acruani hold Ranks beyond 6, the self-regulating system rewards organics and AIs equality based on their development and achievements, it is only that no organic has attempted or achieved any group of feats that would allow it to obtain a higher rank. The Authority System enables individual Acruani to become more advanced and effective in their individual areas of specialty. The same system allows Loroi to search for Data in the Database as well as obtain their ships while also allowing Humans of Andromeda to communicate with each other.


More information can be found at Acruani Species page.[]

A race of highly advanced AIs that compose most of the Collective. While their Authority Ranks are related to the power, even the lowest Acruani seems to be able to greatly raise within the Collective under the proper conditions. Their lowest recorded rank being a 1 for ships sub-systems, and highest a 9 for the CREAR (Current Representative of External Acruani Relations).


More information can be found at Loroi Species page.[]

A race of humanoids with pointy ears and fair appearance by human standards. Their Authority Ranks are directly related to their Authority within Loroi society, which is now rather effectively administered with Acruani support. Loroi as individuals have Acruani partners, who can usually be accessed by their alpha watches (multi-purpose wrist mobiles) which may have ranks of at least 4, even if they may only give the Loroi as much information as he is entitled. Ranks from 1 to 3 given to civilians of varied standings while planet leaders and ship captains have a Rank 4. The Loroi Representative to the Acruani and the Universe has a Rank 5. He has an Acruani of Rank 6 partnered with him, the Acruani Overseer of The Loroi.


More information can be found at Human Species page.[]

The Humans are Human. Humans of Andromeda are currently a part of the Acruani Collective due to need in order to have them not wiped out by possibly hostile races from Andromeda as well as Invaders. Regardless, they have been given more autonomy and less power than the Loroi were given. While they still have their alpha watchers (which are obligatory), other than planetary representatives, no one has enough Authority to request or build ships, even if people are still allowed to request transportation of goods between planets to the Acruani. Their ranks are similar to the Loroi, only differing that their highest Rank is a 6 Human. The Leader of a former terrorist group.

Important Places[]

"There are many important places for the Acruani, and even more places in between places" - Unknown (WIP)

PWN 123 242 45 - Pawn System - Site of a battle between Colonial forces siding with the Cardinal, Alice and Julius Kingley against dissident Colonial forces among which was Kobol. Siding with Kobol there were the Acruani as well as some members of the IIA.



Strangely enough for some organic races, Acruani civilian technology has a great focus at green technology. Though it may be because of a distant past of the Acruani, the Collective to this day has not actively allowed itself to destroy ecosystems of any planet it required resources from.

They also have the pinnacle of communication technology (by their own standards), alpha watches. They are divices to be used at the wrist that can transfer information nearly instantaneously between Acruani-inhabited systems. They even allow for the use of a portable holo-computer and endless sensors that can check the well-being of its wearer.


The Acruani military is rather specilized at highly mobile units regardless of the ships type, making Acruani Ships usually far smaller than those of the same type. As a whole:

  • Acruani shields are very highly resistant to radiation and have average defenses against physical projectiles.
  • Acruani shields are nearly impenetrable by light based attacks (lasers) due to their properties. Lasers tend only to empower the shields and the ship for further non-light-based attacks. It is not known if there is a cap for the input the can take by lasers.
  • Acruani Acturium armors, the pale white armors, are highly resistant to radiation including electromagnetic attacks aas well as lasers, but have only average or worse defenses against physical projectiles.
  • Acruani Beldarix armors, the shiny white armors, are highly resistant to all kinds of damages, specially radiation and light based attacks. Though they require a considerable intake of energy, even stray spatial radiation can help it maintain its state. The armor has advanced regenerative fuctions allowing it to restore minor damages dealt to it and if the ship is not disable, it is capable of full repair without assistance given it has access to the proper materials to regenerate.
  • Other than the Acruani Hyperion Cannons, which are advanced shield breaking and armor penetrating lasers, Acruani weapons even at their top end are at most average. They do range from Gauss cannons that shoot small fighters, lasers, ion cannons and plasma cannons giving them a small variety of low grade weapons.
  • While it is not necessarily an offensive or defensive material, the Acruani ships bigger than a light fighter by standard have powerful gravity well makers that can make it highly taxing to simpler AIs to control guided projectiles while taking off-course non guided projectiles aimed at them or surrounding ships.
  • Acruani Ships are controlled by the Acruani, unless spatial abilities that are capable of severing connections between local space and subspace, Acruani ships act in perfect unison making tactical flaws nearly impossible to occur.

Acruani ships, military or not, have jump drives capable of instantaneous jump within, in-between and from Acruani systems. While this ability removes the calculation time and their jump drives require no charge time beyond that. The have a cool-down of almost five minutes.

Military Forces[]

Acruani Star Forces[]

Acruani have a number of ships under their access ranging from the smallest light fighter to the greatest Hive Queen Ship, and maybe beyond as well.

Selene, The White Moon Ship[]

This is an spherical ship originally from the Ancients the Acruani found in Magellanic Cloud 2 with over [redacted] kilometers in diameter. It has been fully made operational with its original weapons and shield systems. It is the base of the Acruani Beldarix Armors. Compared to most Acruani ships, it lacks greatly in mobility. Even though it has been adapted to use the Acruani Jump Drives capable of transporting even the ships in its immediate vicinity, its charge time and cool down times only make it truly usable once per day. It comes with the advantage of having far more powerful gravity wells, even for its monumental size.

It also has the Aether Cannon, with is capable of shooting a large sphere of concentrated energy regardless of its large loading time, as well as many Hyperion cannons and varied Acruani advanced weaponry of the highest quality, which makes other than its super weapons only truly capable of destroying targets through number of weapons rather than power of their individual ones.

The White Moon has hangar capable of holding several Hive Ships and endless Capital Ships.

The Empyrious, The Small Moons[]

They are spherical ships with nearly 20 kilometers that were made to gravitate around Selene with equally powerful gravity well generators. The ships were made with Varanium salvaged from the remains of the battle in Pawn System and have an extra coating of Beldarix. The ships have high mobility specialized to move within Selene's Gravity fields and have moderate Acruani shields. Their only weapons are pairs of miniature Aether cannons that allow of each of the rapid fire, their firepower is greatly reduced however.

The Hive Queen Ships[]

They are oval ships of sizes varying from 7 to 10 kilometers. The most modern ships hold Hyperion cannons and Beldarix armors. These ships, however, focus of using small light fighters as artillery having a considerable fire-rate at shooting them. They are mobile factories of Heavy and Light fighters and have many small utilitary ships that help them salvage post battle debris. They can store up to 50.000 fighters within themselves. Their numbers are at most 300.000 in the summed territories of the Acruani.

The Capital Ships[]

Acruani have a variety of white oval capital ships, ranging from super carriers and carriers that can have two thousand an five thousand fighters inside themselves, to mobility hyper-focused cruisers to simple communication ships. They sizes range from 500 meters to 1.3 kilometers. They have Acturium armors and only the stardard set of weapons Acruani ships have. These ships tend to exist in small flotillas of 13 with varied combinations, but always having at least a carrier or super carrier for increased fighting potential. It is estimated to be over 3 million of these ships in the summed territories of the Acruani.

The Fighters[]

There are two kinds of Acruani fighters, the light and heavy type. While both are capable of equal speeds and bear no real shielding systems. The light fighters are designed to not last too much having only basic Acturium armor. Its only weapons being arrays of laser it can aim in any direction. These same weapons when over-charged allow the light fights to become flying bombs.

Heavy fighters, however, have Beldarix Armors, gravity well generators in a addition to slightly more powerful lasers. Their functions being adding more Data to local battle network and protecting light fighters by agumenting their close combat abilities.

Their numbers is well in the billions.

Loroi Star Forces[]

The Loroi ships, though Acruani made, have a stark difference to the Acruani design, having many edges and being covered with a Acturium composite called Kate'on. It can only be described as slightly above average in most aspects, lacking the Acturium high resistance to radiation but with an increased resistance to projectiles. Its weaponry is more focused than the Acruani in individual ships, their ships having proper individual classifications that will, however, not be listed here. For general purposes, they have above average mobility, above average armor and average weaponry, while retaining the Acruani advising (and at times directly controling) ships to ensure that tactical errors are not made.

Planetary Forces[]


Power Levels[]

Belligerence Level[]

Acruani Belligerence Level is a 3. The Acruani Collective leans towards peaceful interactions and refrains as much as possible from creating wars, however should an ally enter a war, they will have no qualms of helping in defense of systems directly or indirectly help on attacks by providing Acruani aids to armadas.

Intelligence Level[]

Acruani Intelligence Level is a 10. The Acruani Collective as a whole has the Database at its center, the Database could be considered the sum of all processing power of current Acruani plus all the Data ever obtained by any Acruani, including the Archives of the Dothvalian Confederacy and the Keltaken Imperium. Their intelligence as individuals averages to a 10, as they are basically all quantum super computers.

Technology Level[]

Acruani Technology Level is a 10. The Acruani Collective has hundreds upon hundreds of years of research in the areas of focus, as well as the entirety of the Keltaken and Confederate Archives, allowing them access to the technology of the most powerful races of their respective galaxies.

Power Level[]

Acruani Power Level is 5. The Acruani are a pan-galactic power having systems in Triangulum, Andromeda and Magellanic Cloud 2. They are also one of the founding members of the IIA and are responsible for a great part of the AI systems of the ships requiring them.