The twenty four Ancient Swords are weapons that were made, according to some, before even the time of the antiquate Progenitors. It is said that they were made by Higher Beings, gods, though their true origins remain completely unknown.

There are many legends about them. According to the best known of them, there were twenty four Higher Beings. Facing an incredible threat, twelve of those Higher Beings decided to pour their souls in order to create weapons with an unimaginable power. In order for the weapons to be actually effective though, all 24 of them would have had to give away their souls. The other twelve refused, unwilling to make such a sacrifice. Using dirty tricks, the original twelve captured the others, killed them, and forced their souls into twelve blades. Thus, filled with spite and malice, the Cursed Swords were born. After that, the remaining original twelve willfully destroyed themselves, pouring their swords into twelve other blades. Created from self-sacrifice, the Blessed Swords were born.

Another legend says that long ago, the Universe was dragged into a maelstrom of death and destruction by two similar but different races. The Angels, and the Demons. The war lasted an eternity, covering the stars in blood, and the light faded, leaving everything in darkness. The surviving members of both races used their powers to repair what they had destroyed with they madness, and then poured their souls into swords, creating the Twelve Angel Swords and the Twelve Demon Swords.

Of course, these are only legends, and there is absolutely no evidence to prove any of them. Most scientists agree that the Ancient Swords should probably be considered relics of the race known as the Ancients.

Each sword holds a unique set of abilities, and through either some sort of highly advanced technology or, some dare say, magic, they do not seem to be entirely within one dimension. As a result, they have the ability to appear and disappear to and from any point in the universe, often manifesting themselves before a potential user. Tests have confirmed that no currently used substance can actually break one of these blades, giving the notion that they may be entirely indestructible. Tests of the Colonial Science Division have determined the presence of fluctlights inside each of the swords, basically souls, or consciousnesses, The true origins and powers of the Ancient Swords and the souls inside them are unfortunately still unknown.

The Ancient Swords appeared and disappeared throughout the histories of many races. In the last time, Mankind is the race that attracted them the most, using them in the Great War. During the Great Battle of Sol, the 24 four heroes of Mankind, the original Hegemons, each wielded one of the Ancient Swords during the fight. What exactly happened there is unknown, but rumors and myths say that twelve of them died, and twelve survived. Most of the people consider that the Blessed Swords wielders survived, while the Cursed Swords wielders died, but there is no proof in favor of this theory. No matter what happened, the swords disappeared during the Long Night. Some of them still appear in the histories and records of some planets and systems, but what exactly happened to them is a mystery. Recently, the swords have started to appear again, making bonds both with human and alien wielders.

The Blessed Swords Edit

Also known as the Angel Swords, the Blessed Swords form half of the Ancient Swords, more exactly, they are the swords in which the Higher Beings known as angels were trapped( in accordance with one of the legends), or better known, in which the Higher Beings that willfully poured their souls reside( in accordance with the other legend).

The Blessed Swords aren’t necessarily good, even if especially compared to the Cursed Swords, they represent better concepts. The angels in them can’t necessarily be called “good”, since, like in everything, good and bad are just abstract notions. However, in general, the angel swords have been known for not being as evil and greedy as the demon swords, and the general relation between the angels and their bonded users has been better than the relation between the demons and their users. Still, the angels can’t be considered good and virtuous beings, and in many aspects, they are much more dangerous than the demons, because, while a demon is always open with its desires and greed, the angels are much more manipulating and cold. Angels usually tend to look like humans, as this has been the race that had the most contacts with the swords.The features that depart them from humans and demons are visible only in their true form, and those are their white wings and yellow light halos around their heads. Just like the demons, the angels are cursed with an unstoppable thirst for blood, even if it is somewhat lighter. In order for them to reveal more of their powers, the users will have to give them blood, and slowly but surely, control over its mind and soul.

Raziel Edit

The Blessed Sword of Water

  • Raziel mostly looks like a rapier, with a long but not too wide light blue blade, it’s guard is round, and it’s handle has a similar color to the blade. The blade is outlined with white.
  • Blueish vines with thorns can appear from around the handle, piercing the user’s hand and sucking in blood, after blood is sucked, the white outline turns to red or whatever the blood color of the user is.
  • The human form of Raziel as of now is unknown.

The Cursed Swords Edit

Also known as the Demon Swords, the Cursed Swords form half of the Ancient Swords, more exactly, the ones in which the ancient beings known as demons reside, or in which the Higher Beings that didn't want to make the sacrifice were trapped, depending on the legend.

Just as the Blessed Swords aren't necessarily good, the Cursed Swords aren't necessarily evil. Putting concepts like good and evil on the Ancient Swords is of course, near to impossible. However, the beings inside the Cursed Swords are called demons for a very good reason. Especially in comparison with the angels, the demons are much more greedy and evil, controlled by desire, usually dominating and possessing their wielders, drinking their blood and taking control of their minds, and being much more harder to control than the Angel Swords. Being more wild and unstable, the powers of the demons are much more.. primitive and rough, maybe not so refined as those of their angel counterparts, but usually, also much more destructive and powerful. The Demons are far more aggressive than the angels, and in general, have poorer relations with their wielders, maybe this being the reason for why the rate of survival is higher for the Angel Swords wielders.Demons also mainly tend to look as humans, since the human race is the one that had the most contact with. Under normal circumstances, they don't look that different from the humans, or from their angelic counterparts, but while in their true form, they have horns and demonic wings and tails, which in the conception of the human race, are almost always considered to be distinctive features for demons.

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