The Fallen: Enemies Of Our Destiny Wikia

"Even if we are, as some believe, enemies, what matters next isn't old grudges.  What matters is saving the lives of everyone under our leadership, and that goes for every civilisation assembled here."

-Governor Karson Sharp Of Karsopolis

The Dothvalian Confederacy is a superpower in the Triangulum Galaxy, and an empire in everything but name. Originally, they were a true Confederacy, with each planet having little obligation to the nation at large. The overall Confederate Government had fairly limited power. This has changed drastically however, and the Confederacy is now a highly centralised, very united coalition. They are ruled by a human minority, although much of the population is Dothvalian. The two groups have had a strong bond ever since the Dothvalians rescued a human colonisation group that was all but destroyed by the harsh conditions of the Triangulum planets. They spent a thousand years in isolation, eventually returning to the intergalactic stage after a bold invasion of the Milky Way.



The Governors

The Dothvalian Confederacy, despite its name, is much closer to an empire than anything else. Over a planet, power is held by an autocratic Governor, whose authority is supreme in all matters planetary.

Matters of intergalactic relevance are handled by whoever is the current Governor Of Karsopolis, capital planet of the Confederacy. This Governor is Head Of Government and Head Of State within the Confederacy, and has final say on all government decisions.

While in the Milky Way this would be viewed as a tyrannical system, the inhospitable frontier of Triangulum fosters a strong cooperation between the government and Confederate citizens.

Ministry Of Logistics

This branch of the Confederate government handles all financial and military concerns, as well as ensuring all citizens have employment, basic needs met, housing, and infrastructure.

Department Of Order

One of the most religiously observed duties of the Confederate government is ensuring order and tranquility for its citizenry. Under this department, planetary law enforcement bodies are managed. Also under this department, the practically autonomous Imperial Intelligence.



In the civilian world, Confederate technology is both advanced and widespread. The Confederacy has achieved a masterful understanding of photonic sciences, allowing them to establish advanced holographic entertainment and information exchange networks. And due to their origins as colonists, they've developed superior terraforming technologies.


.. Confederate military technology incorporates many creative, out of the box technologies. Some of these include using simple electrical grids as static defence measures, illusionary soldiers to augment real forces on the battlefield, and some of the finest laser weaponry in the universe.

However, the real gemstone of Confederate military hardware is the suits of armour worn by their soldiers. Heavy enough to protect against vicious combat, it is also light enough to be carried easily by the soldiers inside. They contain advanced HUD and environmental systems, internal life support, enhanced vision modes, medicine dispensers, vital monitors, personal shield generators, dozens of hidden combat and storage modules, com systems, and climate controls. Rocket packs can also be easily attached, allowing Confederate troops to smoothly deploy from high atmospheric heights.

It takes months to train a soldier in basic use, and years for them to master it. But once they understand it, the commandos are some of the most versatile, well-equipped soldiers in the known universe.

Military Forces[]

The Confederate Military is the combined martial forces of the Dothvalian Confederacy. The military largely consists of deeply dedicated career conscripts, men and women who were selected for military service based on aptitude for such a life. Soldiers from every system in the Confederacy serve, but their greater loyalty is to the Confederacy at large. The Confederate Military is also a huge part of Confederate culture. The average Confederate soldier sees the Military as an instrument to pursue revenge for the deaths of the Triangulum colonists who founded the Confederacy. It is a way of serving their nation and avenging their ancestors. For a thousand years, they built up a force with which to attack the Milky Way, hoping to take vengeance and conquer without much resistance. They are also highly trained career soldiers, typically performing their various roles to the best of their abilities.

As such, Confederate soldiers will obey their officers in almost any circumstance. This loyalty and discipline is backed up by an unmatchable willpower and sense of self-sacrifice. Unfortunately, this stubbornness sometimes leads to catastrophic defeats of Confederate forces. The two largest engagements for the Confederate Military were the First Intergalactic War, the Traitors' War that followed, and the current Second Great War with the Invaders.

Since the Second Great War began, Confederate tactics have changed slightly, focusing less on unwavering discipline, ferocity and overwhelming numbers. They now emphasise surprise, skill, technology, and versatility.

Star Forces[]

Star forces are primarily marshalled in the form of the Confederate Star Navy, almost always referred to as the Confederate Navy. They use diverse armadas of starships, and are capable of deploying smaller ships to planets for ground combat.

The largest subset of these ship-borne planetary soldiers are the Naval Commandos. As numerous as the stars in Triangulum, they are the backbone of the Confederate military in planetary engagements. They are all at once the numbers that overwhelm, the scalpel that removes the tumor, and the heroes that win the war. Every commando uses an advanced suit of armour, and most have undergone years of combat training, along with other roles. This, in combination with their armour and diverse weaponry, makes them some of the most versatile soldiers in the known universe.

Devastator-Class Super-Battleship[]

The mightiest ships in the Confederate Navy, these colossal ships are meant to be deployed alone to besiege entire planets. They were designed and launched into production after the glaring inequalities between Confederate and Colonial capital ships. A Devastator is roughly on par with a Colonial Type III Battlestar, and costs just as much to produce. In fleets, they are meant to face the most powerful enemies. They're armed with hundreds of laser batteries, and carry thousands of commandos.

Guardian-Class Cruisers[]

These powerful ships are far smaller than Devastators, but are typically capable of defending single planets.

Goliath-Class Transports[]

Far smaller than Confederate capital ships, these transports are still quite large, and meant to carry a ship's entire complement of Naval Commandos into battle. They can carry small or large units, and are usually controlled by a small crew. Their shielding is strong, but armament is weak. As such, they depend on covering fire from starfighters and capital ships in the area.

Pegasus-Class Gunship[]

The Pegasus X-20 is everything the hulking, cumbersome Goliath transport is not. Sleek, small, nimble, and lightning fast, it can carry a group of up to fifty commandos in full armour. Their ammunition compartments are sizeable, but not so large they're a tactical hazard. The true power of the Pegasus is its ability for use as a rapid insertion/extraction/fire support craft. Armed with six turbolasers, three on each wing, and eight rocket launchers, it is easily capable of covering the troops it lands, as well as blowing away most any threat near a landing zone.

Planetary Forces[]

For the most part, the Confederacy doesn't use many planetary forces. The only exception is the Interplanetary Peacekeeping Corps, whose role is to hold newly taken Confederate territory. They aren't trained to the same level of expertise of Naval Commandos, but their role is so different that they generally dont need the same training.

Commando Armour Variants[]

Jackal-Class Recon Armour- Some of the lightest armour in use,

Power Levels[]

Belligerence Level[]

Intelligence Level[]

The Confederacy's Intelligence level is a 9.1. While it is largely populated by humans, and they have organic limitations, almost every citizen is trained and educated to the highest level they can possibly reach. Being skilled enough to be of use is seen as a national duty. This, in combination with significant government resources towards education and research, has led to a highly-educated populace. Some of the galaxy's brightest leaders have come from the Confederacy. Almost every High Admiral in Confederate history has been a military genius, and the Governors of Karsopolis tend to be wise administrators. The most notable, however, was Marcus Millex, the Head Of Confederate Logistics. He served in a human capacity before and during the First Intergalactic War, the Traitors' War, and the Cold Wars following both. But shortly before the Second Abyssal War, he and many other Confederate scientists became Acruani, with Marcus being the first Level 9 Ascendant in millennia.

Technology Level[]

Power Level[]

The Confederacy's power level is a 4.3. Although they are easily the third strongest great power in the universe, they are significantly smaller than the Federated Colonies or the Keltaken Empire. This means they have access to far fewer resources. Despite this, they have managed to become a great power by compensating in many areas and colonising a multitude of worlds. They are the strongest and largest nation in the Triangulum Galaxy. Unlike the Federated Colonies, they are not very diverse, with only a handful of alien races. Like the Keltaken Empire, they are fairly autocratic. Unlike both, however, the Confederacy is almost completely unified in ideals.

Another mark they bear as a great power was their nearly successful xenocide of the Delieggen Ascendancy.