"I'm concerned about these Markers, as they obviously drove Admiral Clarke to madness, at least for a time. I'd recommend everyone present avoid the Markers at all costs. And an agreement must be reached. The Invaders could return any second, and we must be united. I propose that all of our armed forces are merged into one force that I will call the Intergalactic Armada. I'm not sure how our military would be organised within this new force just yet, but I'm sure that necessity would help us along. The Confederacy, for one, is willing and able to work with everyone here."

-Governor Sharp of the Dothvalian Confederacy proposing the creation of the Intergalactic Armada

The Intergalactic Armada is the united force of the S.C.M., Dothvalian Confederacy, Drathian Fylkirate, Grand Alliance, Alliance of the Free Stars, Acruani Collective, Eldari Protectorate, Dwarven Kingdom, Tri-Tachyon Megacorporation, and the Union of the Suprion Empires. It is the largest united force the five galaxies have ever brought together. Its purpose is to unite the 5 galaxies against the Invaders during the Third Intergalactic War.

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