Some might argue that the collection of mass-produced ships of the Sol System or other Races would trump the Jupiterran Star Fleets. But once you saw them in action, it's easily the most beautiful artwork of firepower in the backdrop of Space.

- Retired Jupiterran Technician.

The Star Fleet is Jupiterra's only Mobile outfit. It is our duty to provide protection and survival of the peoples of Jupiterra. We must be, swift and decisive, advancing and overcoming all challenges our way. We must always be at the forefront of any challenges our people might face. We must be the armour, sword and shield. We must be Jupiterra itself. We are the Jupiterran Star Fleet.

- Augustine Relikai, First Star Admiral of the Jupiterran Star Fleet.

Initially several ships created by the Jupiterran Government to be an independent mobile space-faring force, the Jupiterran Star Fleet has evolved into one of the most high-tech military forces in the Galaxy and beyond.

Overview Edit

The concept of the Star Fleet was born several hundred years ago when the government of Jupiter decided to create an independent space fleet for self-defence purposes. The first Constructor-Class, an independent ship capable of mass production and sustenance, was produced from the Floating City theory. 200,000 people of all jobs manned the ship with their families, as they toured the Systems in peace, harvesting asteroids and trading goods with other nations and civilizations. Three more Constructors were created over the next few decades, allowing part of Jupiter's space industry to be done off-world.

However, several wars later, the population of Jupiter was decimated. Drafted for war, attrition and collateral damage took its toll on the peoples of the largest planet in the Solar System. Desperate, the governors ordered the Fleet, now consisting of seven Constructors, several cruisers and destroyers, to escort 1,000 civilian Homeships of 500,000 people each to KR Muscae, a faraway star where the potential of a new homeworld, especially with terraforming technology, is a very real possibility.

With that, the Star Fleet, named after the main province on Jupiter, set forth, officially breaking off from the Sol Government, being an independent Jupiterran nation 170 Light Years away.

Government Edit

Fleet Organization Edit

Fleet Ranks and Structure Edit

Rank 1 - Ensign - Ship [ A single ship, used for simple escort missions, independent patrol or resupply. ]

Rank 2 - Lieutenant - Division [ A four ship formation, used for system patrol, capital ship support or intermediate escort missions. ]

Rank 3 - Commander - Escort Squadron [ An eight ship formation, often comprising of different classes and ship types, the staple combat structure consisting of support ships. ]

Rank 4 - Captain - Battle Squadron [ An eight ship formation, often comprising of different classes and ship types, the staple combat structure led by a capital ship. ]

Rank 5 - Rear Admiral - Fleet [ A formation with more than eight ships, specially fitted from a Combined Fleet for a multitude of missions not limited to combat duties. ]

Rank 6 - Fleet Admiral - Combined Fleet [ A Named formation with more than sixteen ships, the main mobile component of a Star Fleet of varying strengths. ]

Rank 7 - Star Admiral - Star Fleet [ The entirety of the Jupiterran Star Fleet, rarely organised unless deployed for System-wide Operations. ]

Named Fleets - Edit

Star Fleet - Edit

The Jupiterran Star Fleet - Currently under the command of Fleet Admiral Gaius Silverheart.

Combined Fleets - Edit

Rengou Kantai (The Original Combined Fleet) - The most powerful Combined Fleet Formation in the Jupiterran Star Fleet, used as the center of the Star Fleet's maneuvers and formation. Boasts extreme versatility even when compared to the other Combined Fleets. Currently under the command of Fleet Admiral Kanzaki Silverheart.

Tasaina Kantai (The Versatile Fleet) - under the command of Vice Admiral Horace Wilson.

Shinshutsu Kantai (The Advance Fleet) - under the command of Joshiki Keiko.

Fleets - Edit

Battle Fleet One - A Fleet composition of the Akagi, Kaga, Kongou, Haruna, Hiei, Kirishima, Suzuya and Kumano, with support Destroyers, Frigates and Corvettes.

Technology Edit

Offensive Weapons Systems - Edit

'Z.U.R.O.K.I' Hypersonic Kinetic-Resonance Particle Warhead (Anti-Biological) ====

The Legacy of the Jupiterran War, the Kinetic-Resonance technology was developed solely for the pure destruction of organic life form. The trump card and highly secret missile weapon of the Jupiterran Star Fleet, ZUROKI missiles, upon impact on solids which detonates the warhead, sends forth a series of kinetic particles which travel in the form of Sound particles through air, liquids and solids. Upon contact with hardened matter which it could not break, the particles continue to bounce within the confined space. Upon touching a softer molecule like skin, organs or blood, the particle rips it apart as it flies through, tearing any soft molecules apart.

A single ZUROKI missile has the potential to severely damage a medium sized organic depending on its vital organs, or clear a rogue Jupiterran Corvette of it's 1,200 crew. They are extremely expensive to manufacture, and usage requires the highest commanding authority in the Jupiterran Fleet. Annual production of ZUROKI missiles go at a rate of 3650/year.

During past encounters, the Jupiterran fleet has used ZUROKI missiles to defeat larger ships, firing several warheads at larger vessels and allowing the particles to decimate the living crew within, allowing for quick capture.

'Dissector' Precision Mirror System (Anti-Ship, Anti-Starbase)

An extended arm detaches itself from the ship, positioning a mirror at any part of the ship where her armament is located at, so multiple laser cannons can target it and fire at the same time. The mirror reflects all the fired lasers into a concentrated stream of energy into a single target. Several classes of ships are equipped with strategic mirrors, allowing several ships to focus their turbo lasers into a single concentrated stream.

During the Third Battle of Jupiterra, five Battleships combined their firepower to destroy an enemy flagship, utilizing the JRSF Fubuki's Mirror System.

'MIYUKI' Ballistic Gauss Cannon (Anti-Ship, Anti-Starbase, Anti-Planet)

Named after Scientist Kagame Miyuki, the MIYUKI Cannon throws a 1,000 tonne Depleted Uranium shell at speed, counting on its accuracy to penetrate the hardest of enemy ships. Only several classes of ships are equipped with this cannon, and even they have limited rounds due to its bulk.

The Sniper-class Star Destroyers are equipped with the MIYUKI, allowing them to fire off the shell from extreme range.

In recent times, the MIYUKI shell has been modified to contain nuclear explosives.

'Claymore' Tachion Particle Cannons (Anti-Ship)

'Shatterer' Warheads (Javelin Missiles, Anti-Ship, Anti-Starbase)

'Garena' Plasma Accelerators

Defensive Weapons Systems - ===

Vacuum Stealth

Sundance Laser Barrage System (Anti-fighter, Anti-missile)

On Capital ships, the mirrors on the heavy lasers angle to split the beams into many smaller lasers, allowing a ship to target more enemies with lesser damage. A laser version of flak guns, at a cost of effective range.

FlakJack Particle Defence System (Anti-Ballistics, Anti-Missile, Anti-Laser)

A cloud of flak particles generated around the ship at extreme speeds, these particles deflect ballistic shells, detonate missiles and absorb lasers targeting the ship. Limited in quantity, it also requires a generous amount of power to maintain.

Anti-Matter Shields

General Unique Technologies Edit

CyberGenius Neuralink

Tactical Warp Engines

Plasma Core Generators

Particle Radars

Vehicular Technologies Edit

Variable Fighter Program

Mechombatant Program

Small-Arms Tech Edit

Particle Swords

Multi-ordinance Rifles

Vacuum Suits

Military Forces Edit

Power Levels Edit

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