The Fallen: Enemies Of Our Destiny Wikia

"For thousands of years, the fate of the Lost Fleets was unknown. Until now, the Eldari are searching for clues of the fate of their lost fleets."

-Unknown Eldari phase smith

The Lost Fleets are trio of Eldari fleets that had orders to colonize. Their fate is unknown, as each fleet lost contact.

The First Fleet[]

The First Fleet was sent out in 1200 BC, under the command of Judicator Sunderilix. It contained a total of 1200 ships. They were destined to colonize a far-away galaxy, yet when they sped past the Magellanic Clouds, they lost contact with Aiurania. The Eldari tried everything to reestablish contact, yet even their psionic link proved incapable of detecting the lost fleet. To this day its fate remains unknown.

The Second Fleet[]

The Second Fleet was sent out in AD 79, under the command of Executor Hirgemon. It sped fast the Triangulum when it lost contact. It had a total of 940 ships. It was never seen if again.

The Third Fleet[]

The Third and last Lost Fleet was sent out in 1890 AD, led by High Templar Kharvus. It was well outside the Virgo Supercluster when it lost contact. Its fate is unkown, like the other fleets.

The Third Intergalactic War and the return of the Lost Fleets[]

When the Jupiterran ship Haruna was heavily damaged by attacking Invaders, it managed ro jumo into hyperspace, eveuntually and fortunately coming into the path of the returning Lost Fleets. As the Eldari code of conduct, Dae'uhl, demands for Eldari to help those in distress and destroy those who cause distress, the Lost Fleets wasted no time. They helped the survivors of the wrecked ship...