"Far too long have we slept in ignorance. Now we rise from our slumber, and here and now we shall strike down the forces of evil!"

- Nimfiron 923

Summary Edit

The Metatons are pure cybernetic beings that have no biomass of any kind whatsoever. They are created by an Ancient who sought to create a sentient race of beings of circuits and metal. Their most prominent ability is their cybernetic power. They are able to enter cyberspace, and can possess machines, ships, and even entire city electric systems and manipulate them to their own benefit. The Metatons are divided into two main warring factions - The sentient, self-conscious Ingurin and the mindless hivemind Rakturans. The two have been locked into a stalemate war with no clear winner; The Ingurin rely on intelligent tactics to fight, while the Rakturans simply try to overwhelm their enemies with superior numbers and firepower.

Anatomy Edit

Their physical form is rarely seen, due to them being mostly being inside machines which they use to to hide themselves. Their actual appearance is a glowing, violet colored round plate with a diamond-like center, with 4 buttresses connecting the "diamond" to the plate. In its underside are three violet colored metallic looking stick-like things that are connected to three points of the round plate. The plate is slowly spinning and it is inscripted with many strange runes that no one but themselves understand.

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