"You ask what our name means? It means we are the HAMMER OF THE PEOPLE, and we will stand fast to our duty until our last breath."

- Lord Commander Yuri Chuikov, founder of the Molot Naroda

The Molot Naroda, translated as, "The Hammer of the People", is the fighting force or armed forces of the Kirdoni Commonwealth. It has participated in the numerous bloody conflicts waged by the fledgling Commonwealth against its aggressive xenos neighbours, wiping them out from the face of the stars for good.

History Edit


Battle Doctrines and Tactics Edit

The main doctrine of the Molot Naroda is that wiping out enemy forces as soon as possible is the most viable option, and to do this, one needs highly resilient and destructive machines of war.

Divisions Edit

The Molot Naroda is divided into 7 branches - The Star Navy, the Planetary Defence Forces(PDF), the KGB, the Mistresses of Death, the Red Army, the Bessmertnyye Chapters, and the Emerald Legions. Each fills a specific role in any war.

Star Navy Edit

As its name suggests, the Star Navy is the collective name for all the warfleets of the Commonwealth. To date, its total strength is at 300,000 warships, including around 70,000 capital ships and 230,000 escort vessels. This does not include fighters, which number at millions at the least.

Ship Classes Edit

Iosif Stalin Battleship

Odessa zps6b9838b5

The steel wall and hammer of destruction of the Star Navy, the Iosif Stalin is a fearful behemoth indeed. Measuring at 1.2 kilometers long and 200 meters wide, it can easily smash aside the inferior warships of enemy fleets with its superb Stalinium armor and numerous laser and kinetic batteries. Despite being enormously expensive, it is widely deployed in most space battles waged by the Commonwealth.

Krushkev Class Carrier

A rather defenseless carrier, the Krushkev compensates its lack of weaponry by being able to deply hundreds of fighters at any time. In addition, its thick armor means it can survive such a beating that

Sevastopol zps881bd120

its fighters will usually kill anything that tries to harm it.

Tiger Class Battlercarrier/Orbital Bombarder


The Tiger is one of the most fearsome starships of the Star Navy. Armed to the teeth with a single solar cannon and a hadron collider, it can mow down lines of enemy starships with a single blow from its solar cannon. In addition, its shields are capable of absorbing energy attacks and converting them into shield energy, increasing the Tiger's massive defensive capabilities.

T-300 Medium Cruiser


Swift and deadly, the T-300's are the mainline escort vessels of the Star Navy. They are capable of flying at a staggering speed of Mach 7, and they always operate in groups called wolf packs. True to their grouping name, the T-300's are adept at hunting down specific targets and destroying them with a barrage of nuclear missiles and laser batteries.

Objekt 274 Light Destroyer

Soviet Destroyer concept art

Light, small, and death in a nutshell. The Objekt 274 is a small but terrible killer in the void of space. Though no larger than 40 meters long and 10 meters wide, in groups, they quickly dispatch warships larger than themselves with salvos of plasma torpedoes and armor piercing kinetic shells. In addition, they emanate powerful electromagnetic fields around them, wreaking havoc to the electronic equipment of any enemy starship that dares come too close.

Planetary Defence Forces(PDF) Edit

The Planetary Defence Forces are planetary garrisons stationed at every Commonwealth world, whether it be a backwater colony, a labyrinth filled frost world, or a massive Citadel Planet. Their sizes depend on their home planet's population; usually, it is 5% of the entire population. Men and women can both serve, and all races can voluntarily enlist themselves. However, each race is armed specifically with weapons deemed most fit for their physical anatomy; humans and Tetrons tend to receive long range rifles and Kirdoni tend to wield melee weapons. Powerful psychic races, such as Nicassir, often receive no weapons save for psionic amplifiers, with which they can use their innate psychic potential to crush their foes in battle.

The KGB Edit

Deemed as one the most ruthless and brutal of all the Molot Naroda's branches, the KGB lives true to its name. Its main purpose is to hunt down and neutralize potential insurgents, whether real or imagined. Armed with the blessings of the Patriarch of Durgadon and their own mighty blades and armor, the KGB's agents hunt down and capture traitors to the state one by one. Once captured, these traitors are often subjected to brutality, as the KGB will never hear any pleas for leniency. The KGB is also the most confidential of the Molot Naroda's branches; few even know of its existence. The agents are careful not to allow any knowledge of their clandestine operations to leak into the public, especially if the Patriarch will know of it. The Patriarch will certainly not approve of the KGB's cruelty.

Mistresses of Death Edit

The Mistresses of Death, otherwise known as the Sisters of the Shadows, are an all-female organization within the Molot Naroda. They are fanatically devoted to the cause, even more so than the KGB. The exact purpose of the Sisters is unknown, but it is known that they usually participate in sabotage, assassination, and destruction of the enemy's assets. They are armed with an assortment of weaponry, ranging from Stalinium swords to sniper rifles with ranges of up to 39 kilometers. The Sisters may be deadly assassins, eagle eyed markswomen, or blade wielding warriors. Whatever their role within the Mistresses of Death may be, the Sisters are devoted to the cause and will trample upon those who dare oppose them.

The Red Army Edit

When the Planetary Defence Forces cannot beat back an invasion by their own, the Red Army is called in. From the dark void of space above, drop pods rain down and the Red Army forces will assist the PDF in wiping out the threat while the Star Navy rains down hellfire from above. Like the PDF, the Red Army is a multi-racial army, but it has one large difference. While the PDF are stationed on their own planets, any Red Army force may be composed of individuals from different worlds, systems, and quadrants. The Red Army has no home planet it can call a headquarters; if any, it would be the capital planet, Durgadon. The Red Army's forces usually reside in space stations, starships, asteroids, or moons. The Star Navy and Red Army are inseparable; the Red Army depends on the Navy to provide its massive forces a place in which to reside in, and the Star Navy needs the Red Army to destroy enemies in the ground when their orbital weapons won't do.

Bessmertnyye Chapters Edit

The Bessmertnyye, translating to "Immortals" (but think of it, they are not really immortal in the general sense.), are a force of genetically enhanced humans, and occasionally suitable xenos such as Kinerothin and Helvatins. They are biologically immortal, meaning as long as they do not get killed in battle, they will never age beyond 20. In addition, they have enhanced regeneration, and can survive injuries that would instantly kill otherwise "normal" individuals.They are divided into 100 chapters, each containing 5,000 - 10,000 Immortals. This is a list of the more notable Chapters -

Durgadon Frost Warriors Edit

These are the Immortals that protect the capital world of Durgadon, and they are easily distinguishable by their white, snow colored power armor and glowing red visors. They are among the strongest and toughest of all the Immortal Chapters, and they are a force t be reckoned with.

Mir Peska Dune Walkers Edit

Mir Peska is a desert planet located in the west fringe of the Commonwealth, and is subject to constant raids from hideous xenos called the Ger'golak, terrifying abominations that resemble lizard/insectoid/cybernetic... things. The Mir Peska Dune Walkers, alongside Mir Peska's PDF, have kept watch over the space around the planet for a very long time. and Ger'golak raiders are spotted every now and then.

Guardians of Moriah Edit

Moriah is a fortress world that protects a very important space time anomaly - a stable wormhole. This wormhole allows instantaneous travel between Moriah and the neighbouring systems, and this is shortcut for invasions from any potential enemies. Thus, the Guardians of Moriah and their PDF allies have fought off hundreds of attempts to conquer Moriah and its wormhole, and invasion is a normal thing there.

Starseekers Edit

The Starseekers are a space-faring chapter that has lost their homeworld to the Tagran a century ago. They have since changed their name from the "Savastra Relicators" to the "Starseekers", reflecting their eternal journey through the stars.

The Fallen Suns Edit

The Fallen Suns are another space faring chapter, but lost their homeworld due to a different reason - Their parent star went supernova, destroying their entire system in seconds. Out of the system's 12 billion inhabitants, only 34 million survived. The sensors only detected that the star is actually going to explode only 19 hours before it exploded, and that led to the massive deaths. To this day, the Fallen Suns lament that... "If only we knew..."

Moscovia Hellraisers Edit

The Moscovia Hellraisers have an ill reputation amongst the Immortal Chapters, and for a good reason. Their gene codes have a slight glitch which causes them to exceedingly violent and sadistic. For this reason, the Hellraisers are kept cryogenically frozen until they are needed to fight an invasion, which is when their blood thirst is most useful.

Kalrathi Void Stalkers Edit

A chapter made exclusively made up of Helvatins, the Kalrathi Void Stalkers are a stealth based chapter that focuses on ninja-like tactics and weapons. That being said. the Void Stalkers, of all the chapters, have the highest kill rate of them all, with the Void Stalkers having killed at least 10 million individuals since their founding in 2999, and they are proud of it.

Armaggeddon Eradicators Edit

Another ill-reputed chapter, the Armaggeddon Eradicators live up to their name. When they fight, they leave no survivors. As in NOTHING or NO ONE. Everything is to be burned and everyone has to be killed. No exceptions.

Emerald Legions Edit

The most enigmatic and mysterious of the Molot Naroda's divisions other than the KGB, the Emerald Legions are the ancient armies of the old Kirdoni Empire. Even after humanity came to the setting, the Emerald Legions still remained. The ancient legions of the deep dungeons of the Kirdoni worlds have never slumbered even once, ever vigilant for a possible incursions from the deep darkness that is the earth. For even after great cities spread across the the winding halls and tunnels of the Kirdoni, hellish horrors still stir within the very depths of every world. For every battle fought under the sun and stars are a hundred battles fought by the Emerald Legions in preventing the horrors of the deep from ever approaching the subterranean citadels of the Commonwealth, eternally locked in bloody conflict. They are clad in the most perfect armor the Kirdoni forges can ever build, and only the strongest blades and weaponry can hope to pierce it. Their weapons are still the ancient blades and alchemic contraptions used thousands of years ago, but they have never failed in their duty.

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