"Commencing purification."

-Executor Colaris

The Purifiers are an ancient robotic race created by the Eldari Empire during the Golden Age.

Origins Edit

Eldari that died prior their creation had their memories and personalities encoded within the Purifiers, thus creating basically robotic reincarnations of Eldari that died. They were used as a weapon by the Empire's ruling council, the Conclave. They were used to scour life from the planets of their enemies. Before long, the Purifiers were gnawed away by consience and rebelled against the Conclave. Subsequently they were deactivated and placed upon the artificial planets of Cybrosia as well as 4 space platforms, only to be reactivated in the direst of circumstances.

Anatomy Edit

A Purifier is very similar to an Acruani, except that it has a "stolen personality" and "stolen memories". They are pure machines without a trace of organic material.

Purifiers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are humanoid, while some are quadrapedal. Still others are glowing orbs of energy orbited by machine parts. A few are programs that control the movements of the space platforms in which the Purifiers make their homes.

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