A nation of warriors and philosophers, the Trifexian Empire have recently been brought together under one ruler, the Enlightened Seer, trading their warring ways for a peaceful attitude, now willing to welcome any they come across to share in their peace, harmony and advanced technology. Despite their peace, the Trifexians are not ones to shy away from combat, and maintain an efficient military to defend their land from invading forces and potential rebellions.

History Edit

Whilst still a youthful nation, the Trifexian Empire has still had a rich history that has defined the Trifexian way of life. This history has been split into four 'Ages' by scholars, each named after an infuential figure of the time in honor of them.

The Age of Sonei (Dates Pending) Edit

The earliest age documented by Trifexians, the Age of Sonei largely contains the Trifexians' tribal roots, and ends at the beginning of more civilized life. The Age is named after Sonei, a champion spoken of in many tales and legends who brought an end to many predators on Nyrial, allowing the Trifexians to flourish and grow. His iconic Red Ribbon is passed down as a title even to this day, the current holder being Commander Veilla Entova for his near unmatched martial prowess.

The Age of Axeilla (Dates Pending) Edit

The Age of Axeilla documents the start of civilisations and small empires, as well as the growth of the many belief systems that once existed on Nyrial. The Age is named after Axeilla, first Queen of the Conura Kingdom, that still survives as the largest province on Nyrial and holds the Global Capital of Nemekura, where Queen Axeilla's throne resides.

The Age of Sueil (Dates Pending) Edit

The Age of Sueil documents the many years of war that plagued Nyrial, as Empires and Kingdoms sought to conquer each other and become the true ruler of all of Nyrial. The Age is named after Damanaka Sueil, the Trifexian who called himself 'The Great General' and whose tactical prowess was rumoured to be godly; Sueil's conquering of Nyrial in its entirety brought an end to the war, and has led to peace ever since. The title of Great General is now the highest possible position a non-Enlightened can achieve.

The Siege of Amakana Castle

An important event in the Age of Sueil, it was the eventual conquering of Amakana castle, during which the defenders from 3 different empires were defeated by Great General Sueil's much smaller force, that led to an almost unanimous surrender by what empires had not been conquered yet. Thus, it was the last large battle of the Age of Sueil, marking a transition from individual empires to a global unity in order to focus on expanding to the stars.

The Age of Zei'Taeilla (Dates Pending) Edit

The Age of Zei'Taeilla documents the beginning of a return to peace for Nyrial, still spanning to the modern day. It is named after Zei'Taeilla Conura, a descendant of both Axeilla Conura and Damanaka Sueil who created the modern Trifexian way of life that finally brought Nyrial into a time of true peace. Her death was recent, and the name of the Age was revealed shortly after her funeral. Her insight was also what created the current government system, and what led to the Enlightened being held in such high regards.

Foundation of the Empire

An important event in the Age of Zei'Taeilla was the foundation of the Trifexian Empire. Headed by Zei'Taeilla herself and signed by the descendants of the many former rulers, the Word of Foundation is a sacred document that symbolizes everything the Trifexian believe in. A special vault that only the Enlightened Seer and Great General has access to was built to house it, such is its importance.

Colonization of Rexailla

The very first attempt at Colonisation of a lunar body by the Trifexians, Rexailla is a small terran moon with a breathable atmosphere and plenty of native life. The operation became a disaster for the then inexperienced Trifexians, as a previously undetected race of insectoids that they named Axerei surfaced and began an overwhelming assault on the minimal forces on Rexailla and the Cradle, one of only 10 ships in service at the time. What ensued was a 4-day series of battles that resulted in 494 deaths out of the 600 soldiers deployed to the moon, and 360 of the original 400 colonists dying. The event led to a large scale operation by the Trifexian military to wipe out the Axerei, which was eventually successful.

Several Commanders and high ranking military personnel were promoted due to the event, a memorial was constructed in the Global Capital of Trifxira and a small number of Axerei were captured and taken to Nyrial, to study them further for possible uses.

Government Edit

The Trifexian Government is split into two halves; the Military & Civilian Hierarchies. Both Hierarchies operate separately to one another, with their own rankings and functions, though both are presided over by the Enlightened Seer.

The Enlightened Seer Edit

The highest ranking individual on Nyrial, the Enlightened Seer rules over the entire empire. The Enlightened Seer is always elected from the 'Enlightened', rare Trifexians who have mutated to be shorter, longer lived and far wiser than their kin. The election process is long and complicated, and is decided by the Seers and Commanders of the Civilian and Military Hierarchies. The Enlightened Seer also possesses an override system for both Hierarchies, should she need to step in and overrule a decision that is deemed to be in poor choice.

The current Enlightened Seer is Nuveilla Asroveill.

Civilian Government Heirarchy Edit

The Civilian Hierarchy is responsible for all developments and matters that concern the civilian populace. They have little say in the military's actions, though they do possess an override system should the military make an outlandish decision. The Civilian Hierarchy is divided into several tiers, each holding a different amount of power and influence.

The Advisors Edit

The Advisors are the highest ranking members of the Civilian Hierarchy, and answer directly to the Enlightened Seer. Only two Advisors are appointed at one time, and their duties consist of offering the E'Seer valuable advice and opinions on important matters, managing the complex hierarchy below them and ensuring the mental and physical health of the E'Seer. They are elected from the council of Seers by popular vote.

The current Advisors are:

  • Erisa Recailla 'The Scarmaker'
  • Vron Amaxin 'The Smiling Prince'

The Seers

The Seers are the Civilian representatives of each of Nyrials 92 provinces. They are responsible for the management of these provinces, and also come together in the city of Trifxira during monthly meetings to discuss larger issues that need to be brought to the attention of the Advisors. Each Seer is elected from the noble houses in their respective provice.

The Nobles

Nobles are the high-class civilians, those with wealth and land in their possession. They don't hold much political power on their own, though each province has a Hall of Deliberation in the province's capital city where the noble families gather to discuss matters and appoint a Seer.

Military Government Heirarchy Edit

The Military Hierarchy is responsible for handling all matters concerning military forces, including the management of ship and defense construction. They have little say in the civilian populace beyond the issuing of evacuation, safety and legal protocols. Much like the Civilian Hierarchy, the Military Hierarchy is also divided into several tiers.

The Great General

The Great General is the highest ranking member of the Military Hierarchy, and oversees all of its operations. Additionally, they also serve as a 3rd Advisor to the E'Seer, offering insight into the handling of matters concerning the military. A declaration of war cannot be issued by the E'Seer without a Word of Consultation from the Great General, a written document stating that the E'Seer and Great General have indeed consulted.

The current Great General is Dunarin Shie'Haro

The Commanders

The Commanders are the military leaders of the 17 major cities on Nyrial, a Commander assigned to each. They are responsible for the city and its surrounding territory, and report directly to the Great General. Each General has a plethora of subordinates at their command, as well as having a sizeable chunk of the Trifexian military to command. Commanders are usually appointed from the Trifexian troops; Those who show exemplary performance and an ability to lead during service are selected for possible promotion by the Great General, though Commanders are also allowed to appoint worthy successors or make recommendations with the approval of the Great General.

The Current Commanders are:

  • Commander Areilla Frei 'The Undying One' - Specially appointed by a unanimous vote amongst the Great General and his Commanders at the time for her efforts in subduing the Axerei Infestation during the Colonisation of Rexailla.
  • Commander Geilla Guatailla 'The Subjugator' - Quashed the Daiyen Rebellion without bloodshed, a shrewd negotiator famed for his sharp tongue.
  • Commander Veilla Entova 'The Red Ribbon' - Renowned as the best melee fighter alive on Nyrial. Primarily commands Trifexian CQC forces.
  • Commander Eres Ena 'The Silent' - Mute and scarred during an encounter with a Fexenis.
  • Commander Recai Fuvaill 'The Thunder-Footed' - Expert vehicle commander, specializes in Trifexian armoured divisions
  • Commander Vrin Amaga 'The Windwhistler' - Specialises in aerial unit command. Primary Commander in charge of the Trifexian Naval forces.
  • Commander Rael Enviga 'The Flamewatcher' - Specialises in artillery, anti-air and support vehicles. Working on the development of a spacefaring troop transport ship to avoid the events of Rexailla again.
  • Commander Eis Unima 'The Bravest Heart' - Brother of Commander Sei Unima. Often accompanies his forces into the field and issues commands on the move.
  • Commander Sei Unima 'The Selfless Heart' - Sister of Commander Eis Unima. A pacifist at heart, she was chosen for Commander duty for her incredible leadership skills and strong dedication to the teachings of Zae'Teilla.
  • Commander Ven Wolumia 'The Dancer' - An expert martial artist and dancer, one of only 3 Trifexians to ever best Commander Veilla Entova in a duel, albeit only once.
  • Commander Darse Centari 'The Nightwatcher' - Enjoys combat during nighttime, and the dark in general. Commands his own legion of Lantern Knights, personal bodyguards assigned only to him who have adapted to his love of the night.
  • Commander Ferenika Uitama 'The Mind' - An 'Enlightened' and avid tinkerer, specialises in drone-heavy forces, as well as serving as a head of the scientific community.
  • Commander Danama Aen 'Daybreaker' - Assigned for leading a defense of Rexailla that lasted 56 Earth hours during the Colonisation of Rexailla.
  • Commander Franik Umeka 'The Vigilant' - Holds the world record for the Commander Training Exercise No. 6 - Planned Defence after managing to hold a defence for 87 Earth hours with only 4 units of troops at his command. An avid contributor to advanced shielding and defensive technology, invented the Magnetic Repellant device.
  • Commander Gereilla Endol 'The Shotcaller' - A skilled marksman and expert in ambushes, specialises in long-range fire support and ambush deployment.
  • Commander Renteilla 'The Mountainstepper' - Has made several pilgrimages to every mountain temple on the planet to train the body and spirit.
  • Commander Olluya Kalli 'The Youngest One' - Descended from a long line of military geniuses, assigned to Commander duty after the sudden death of her predecessor, Frysenia Kalli, during the same Fenexis encounter that muted Commander Eres Ena.

Clan Leaders

Clan Leaders serve almost the same purpose as Commanders, though are assigned to lead one of the 678 large villages instead of cities. They serve under their nearest Commander to their village, though only when there is a need for a Commander's influence or advice.

Masters of the Ranks

Masters of the Ranks are decorated soldiers who each lead a single 'unit' or platoon into battle. They report to their assigned Commander or Master, and receive orders that they then issue to their troops.

Military Forces Edit

=== The current naval strength of Nyrial is quite small as of now, consisting of only 4 unique designs currently in service. They are as follows:

Eternal Vessels === The smallest ship in service, these are fighter-bombers roughly thesize of a bus, if a bit wider and taller and slightly shorter in length. Each has a crew of 3: A pilot, a gunner and a technician. The crew is chosen from the very best of the mechanised forces Nyrial has to offer, making each Eternal a formidable threat. Each Eternal is armed with a salvo of 20 small heat-seeking missiles to target larger threats, and two automatic 'Shredder' guns, which fire chunks of shrapnel in rapid succession in order to tear apart smaller vessels. Eternals are also armed with a Magnetic Repellant device as a form of shielding, technology that creates a small field around the device designed to force away magnetic objects. It has seen a fair amount of success in repelling magnetic objects, although is not 100% successful; direct hits can still very much hit, and any weaponry that is not metal based completely bypasses this defence. Other than this, the Eternal has two other noteworthy flaws. The first is that, due to limited fuel capacity, each craft can only maintain flight for approximately 6 hours before crashing. As such, it is military procedure to never send every available strike craft available into the air at once, lest hostiles outlast their fuel supply. The second flaw is that the Trifexians have used light metals for all of their Eternals. Whilst this allows for lighter, faster craft, it also makes them incredibly weak, and they can be destroyed relatively quickly.

As of now, 600 of these ships are in service, spread out across Nyrial and the other planetoids under Trifexian control

Torchbearer Vessels

These are the main heavy hitters of the navy, each about the size of the Normandy-2 from Mass Effect 2-3, except much tubbier. Each one carries 22 crew members: - 1 captain - 2 pilots - 3 logistics officers - 3 weapons crew - 1 chief engineer - 3 technicians - 2 engine crew - 2 medical personnel - 1 chef - 4 security guards

Every Torchbearer is equipped with 40 heat-seeking missile pods, as well as one heavy flak cannon. Much like the Eternals' weaponry, these heavy cannons launch flak at hostiles in order to tear apart their ships. The flak these one fire though are much larger and pack a heavier punch, designed to crush parts of ships to create holes, make systems irreparable and eliminate crew members. This is largely done so that ships may be recovered in some working order for study. Torchbearers also carry the same Magnetic Repellant technology of Eternals. Of course, they share the same frail armour as Eternals too, and so are reliant on the use of speed, finesse and available cover to outsmart and flank their enemies. They can, however, remain in space for up to 3 weeks without a need to refuel, thanks to larger storage space to hold spare fuel.

As of now, 46 Torchbearers are in service.

The Cradle

A much larger model of the Torchbearer, which was designed and built with the sole purpose of colonising planets. It is approximately 10 times the size of a Torchbearer, and houses a crew of 110: - 1 Captain - 2 Co-captains - 1 lead pilot - 2 co-pilots - 4 logistics officers - 2 navigators - 1 chief engineer - 1 chief of robotics - 12 technicians - 4 engine crew members - 7 medical personnel - 10 kitchen staff - 8 cleaning staff - 1 chief of security - 18 security guards - 6 Eternal repair crew - 30 Eternal crew members In addition to this, the vessel is also designed to house up to 300 civilians along with the necessary equipment to set up colonies, including service automatons and materials. Most of this equipment is also removeable, which can allow for an extra 350 civilians to be carried should it be required. It carries no offensive weaponry whatsoever, and its only defences are the 10 Eternal Vessels situated in its side hangars, 5 on each side. To make up for this lack of weaponry, the Cradle's body is made of stone, reinforced with 3 layers of light metal; one below the stone layer and two above it. As such, it is extremely heavy, requires a tremendous amount of power and fuel to fly and brings the Cradle's speed down to a sluggish pace. All of this is sacrificed to create a ship that does remarkably well at surviving blows, although due to the Trifexians' limited contact with alien races, the arms that they have used to test the armour with are fairly limited in size compared to what may be awaiting them in the future.

Sueil's Wrath

The Capital ship of the Trifexian navy, and by far the largest, Sueil's Wrath is approximately 1.6 times larger than the Cradle, and is built to lead the Trifexians in times of war. The Wrath houses 200 crew members: - Room for The Great General - Room for all 17 commanders - 1 Supreme Captain - 2 Co-Captains - 6 piloting crew - 6 logistics officers - 4 navigators - 1 chief gunner - 15 weapons crew - 1 chief engineer - 1 head of robotics - 20 technicians - 5 robotics experts - 14 engine crew - 1 chief of security - 40 security guards - 12 medical personnel - 12 kitchen staff - 10 cleaning staff - 10 Eternal repair crew - 36 Eternal crew members

The Wrath is equipped with the largest gun the Trifexians have ever produced, the Kinetic Accelerator. This gargantuan gun is about half the length of the Wrath itself, and takes over almost all of the lower quarter of the ship. It is designed to fire van-sized rounds with enough force that they completely punch through enemy ships, completely decimating them in the process. The weapon is always forward facing due to its size, and as such the Wrath has a number of additional armaments to cover its flanks. 5 flak repeater cannons like those found on the Eternals sit on either side of the ship, to tear apart strike craft and other small vessels, as well as to help clear debris by shredding it up. These cannons are each crewed by a gunner, and are capable of rotating to follow their targets. They are also retractable to prevent damage when not in use. The Wrath is also armed with 2 side hangars, each housing 6 Eternal strike craft in order to support the ship. Finally, the Wrath houses 50 heat-seeking missile silos, each capable of tracking an indiviual target even if all 50 missiles are fired at once. Much like the Cradle, the Wrath has also been fitted with a heavier body, made of a thick layer of stone reinforced by six layers of metal, 3 on either side of the stone. As such, the Wrath is monstrously heavy, and requires more fuel to run than every other ship in the fleet put together, this also being due to the massive twin engines that provide it with a top speed that isn't so slow the ship is unusable. Because of this, the ship has only ever made two flights; a 6 hour voyage when the ship was half-built and a 2 hour flight upon the ship's completion. The Trifexian government have otherwise permanently grounded the Wrath unless its use is absolutely necessary, due to how much if would cost to fly it anywhere. Despite this, should the Wrath ever fly it would prove itself to be a monster of a vessel, as only the best of the best ever set foot on the Wrath.

Infantry Forces Edit

The Infantry forces of the Trifexian empire are numerous and well-trained, as all but a few Trifexians dedicate a part of their life to combat training in some way or another, as per the will of Zei'Taeilla.

Militia Fighters Edit

Militia fighters are the lowest tier of infantry, and are trained in the use of melee weaponry and basic explosives. Militias are formed from the civilian populace, sans a few officers in each settlement who are responsible for overseeing and maintaining that settlements militia fighters. As per the law, the militia may only take up arms during the defence of their planet, including during colonisation operations. They may only be used on the offensive if it is absolutely vital.

Warriors Edit

The melee of trained military personnel, Warriors specialise in Close Quarters Combat. Warriors are further split into different types, based on their loadouts:

  • Furies - Pure melee fighters who utilise claws, dual-wielded shortswords or daggers, they are trained as shock and ambush troops, experts at closing the distance between them and their foes, maintaining this close distance and launching rapid strikes to devastating effect. Furies are cybernetically enhanced to be faster sprinters than other Trifexians, and a lot more agile.
  • Wardens - Armoured troops who utilise shortswords and scatterguns to subdue their foes. Their armour is made of stone, reinforced with metal, and as such Wardens are enhanced with stronger muscles to be able to move efficiently in their armour. Their weaponry usually utilise non-lethal rounds, though they can also be fielded with lethal ammunition if necessary.
  • Bastions - Equipped with heavy armour and large metal-reinforced stone shields, Bastions specialise in defensive tactics, utilising polearms and longswords to fend off opponents. They are enhanced to be able to heft their heavy equipment efficiently and to be able to withstand hits via thicker skin.
  • Phantoms - Specialised soldiers equipped with daggers, explosives and smoke bombs, Phantoms are designed as assassins and sappers, tasked with eliminating key targets to cripple an enemy's forces. They are enhanced with powerful limb muscles to be able to scale difficult terrain, and specialised skin that can be manually changed to any colour, allowing them to roughly blend into the environment.

Troopers Edit

Soldiers trained in ranged combat, Troopers are the backbone of the Trifexian military. They too are split into several types for different situations:

  • Rangers - The stock Trooper loadout, Rangers are equipped with semi-automatic rifles for both lethal and non-lethal operations. Each is given a shrapnel grenade for clearing areas quickly, and are equipped with lightweight metal armour. They are enhanced with steady hands for controlled fire, and a greater sense of sight for spotting and targeting enemies.
  • Decimators - Equipped with heavy armour and large, deployable Gatling guns, Decimators are effective at covering choke points and defending areas. Their enhancements are steadier hands for maintained fire, and the same chameleon skin utilised by Phantoms to make them harder to target.
  • Breakers - Anti-Armour units, equipped with shoulder-carried grenade launchers and landmines, Breakers are also trained in the disarming and dismantling of explosive devices. They are enhanced with tougher skin to protect from shrapnel and improved muscles to carry their heavy armour and equipment.
  • Hunters - Specialised infantry, trained in long-range combat and trap-setting, Hunters are equipped with single-shot range cannons, designed to fire on targets from afar with incredible force behind each shot. They also carry tools for crafting simple traps to protect their flanks, utilising chameleon skin for camouflage and the highest grade of steady muscle and sight enhancements to ensure their shots seldom miss.
  • Saviours - Combat medics, armed with scatterguns and medical packs for treating wounded soldiers, Saviours wear light armour for quick movement, and are enhanced with unique cybernetics that reinforce the bones, to keep the Saviours moving on the battlefield and to prevent serious injuries that would incapacitate them.
  • Constructors - Field engineers with the purpose of supporting infantry on the defensive, they can be fielded with deployable turrets, sentry guns and drones, deployable barricades and repair kits for fixing drones and vehicles. They also carry pistols for subduing foes when in danger, though are not given any cybernetic enhancements as they rarely find themselves in the line of fire.

Guardians Edit

Guardians are soldiers tasked with patrolling the cities and settlements of the Trifexian Empire, serving as emergency defenders and law enforcement units. They utilise many of the same weapons and equipment of the Troopers and Warriors, though do not have any cybernetic enhancements, instead relying on their training rather than machines.

Drone Forces Edit

A large portion of the Trifexian military is populated by various drone models, made of stone, metal and each with a range of uses. Trifexians typically like to build and personalise their own drones to suit them, and as such there are thousands of different designs, though they can mostly be bundled into one of three types:

Household Drones Edit

This group houses all drones that are made for mundane tasks and functions in the household, such as cleaning and maintaining the appearance of the structure. It also includes drones made for carrying objects for their owners, storing unimportant data and pest control, among other similar functions.

Utility Drones Edit

This group houses drones made for tasks that organics would struggle with in their line of work, such as the negation of hazards, heavy lifting that would normally require some form of equipment and repair work.

Combat Drones Edit

This group houses military drones of all kinds, from patrol and reconnaissance units to heavy tank-busters and ammunition drones. These drones are unavailable to the civilian populace, save for military officials and the highest tier of nobility who are allowed simple patrol drones on their properties. Air combat drones are included in this group.

Ground Vehicles Edit

Ground vehicles are fairly uncommon amongst the Trifexian military, as infantry and drones have been found to be more efficient than vehicles. Regardless, several types of vehicle are still manufactured and fielded by the Trifexians:

Load-bearer Transports Edit

Unarmed vehicles, Load-Bearers resemble large beetles, utilising 6 legs to cross terrain more efficiently than wheeled vehicles. They are made primarily from metal-reinforced stone to keep passengers safe, and each can carry up to 8 soldiers in its shell. A pilot sits in the 'head', using a narrow slit and various cameras to see their surroundings. The shell that holds passengers splits open on command, much like how a beetle shell splits to release its wings.

Despite their weight and cumbersome appearance, Load-Bearers are surprisingly mobile, having little trouble transporting troops to the front lines.

Hellion Tanks Edit

Large vehicles resembling thin, towering spiders, Hellions are designed as quick strike vehicles that incapacitate vulnerable targets instead of being used as frontline vehicles. Each is made purely of metal to keep them lightweight, though this also makes them frail to all but small arms fire. The 'head' of the spider-like vehicle houses the pilot, who uses 8 Omni-directional cameras mounted on the bottom of the head to be able to see what is around them without exposing the pilot with windows. Placed in the body of the vehicle is a gunner, who controls the shredder cannon mounted on the end of the body, resembling a spider's ovipositor. This cannon has been designed to be extremely accurate, designed as larger-scale versions of the Hunter range cannons, and as such it is efficient at hitting targets from both short and long range. The ovipositor can be adjusted to let the cannon fire forwards or backwards, allowing Hellions to fight back when charging or retreating.

With an ultra-light frame and spider-like features, Hellions are quick and nimble vehicles, capable of scaling ceilings and walls with ease, making them efficient at launching attacks from unpredictable angles and pathways.

Thunder Guns Edit

Thunders use the same base model of Load-Bearers, though the crew compartment has been replaced with a deployable long-range artillery gun. This gun is kept concealed under the Thunder's shell upon deployment, at which point it extends and is available for firing. The entire vehicle is controlled by the pilot, who can switch from moving the vehicle to firing mode by deploying the vehicle, which lets it dig its legs into the ground to keep it from being moved by the gun firing.

Thunders are rarely deployed alone, each is often accompanied by Hunters, Constructors or other defensive troops to keep enemies away from them.

Lightning Guns Edit

Once again using the same frame as the Load-Bearer and Thunder models, Lightning guns are the Trifexians answer to eliminating aerial enemies from the ground. The shell contains a deployable brace of 20 smart missiles, which are self-loading and used to clear the skies to cover their ground forces. The pilot controls the whole vehicle, switching from deployed and movement modes when necessary like with the Thunder Guns. Additionally, the smart missiles can be fired at ground targets if the vehicle comes under fire, making them efficient tank destroyers if the situation calls for it. Because of this, Lighting Guns are popular amongst commanders for their versatility, and many have at least one unit of Lightning Guns as a precautionary measure.

Air Vehicles Edit

The Trifexians only use 2 types of non-spacefaring aircraft in their military, though they have manufactured many of these and each has a well trained pilot attached to it:

Goblin Fighter Craft Edit

Goblins are ultra-lightweight fighters with the iconic curved teardrop shape of Trifexian air-and-space craft, they make up 80% of the airforce. Each is equipped with 3 flak shredder guns of a slightly smaller scale than those mounted on Eternal Vessels and a small snake-like drone that repairs small amounts of damage from the inside of the vessel, though it can also utilize magnetic technology to latch onto the metal parts of the craft's exterior to repair external damage when necessary. A single pilot mans a Goblin fighter, and each pilot has undergone extensive training to master their aircraft. The best of these pilots go on to train in piloting Eternals and experimental craft.

Wyvern Destroyer Craft Edit

Wyverns are larger, heavier craft to Goblins, though not as large as Eternals, they serve as bombers designed to eliminate ground targets and larger aerial targets. Each is equipped with 8 autoloading missiles that can be fired as smart or dumb missiles when needed. A single shredder gun sits on the back of the craft, manned by a gunner and used to repel attackers when in danger. A pilot flies the craft from the front, and two snake-drones like in the Goblin crafts are used to repair damage gradually. The pilots are chosen from those who have shown aptitude at flying Goblins, but aren't ready for Eternal training.

Technology Edit

Kinetic Acceleration Technology Edit

All of Nyrials firearms, guns and cannons utilise what the Trifexians call Kinetic Acceleration. Their weapons do not differ much from conventional human firearms, launching small bullets and requiring magazines. However, Kinetic Acceleration also allows for the use of 'Shatter rounds'; stone andbmetalullets that shatter upon discharge, launching smaller pieces of shredding debris at the enemy. Guns mounted on air, space and some ground vehicles can fire larger versions of these rounds, to shred enemy armour and ranks with a hail of deadly debris.

Magnetic Repellent Devices Edit

Magnetic Repellent Devices (MRD's for short) are the latest development of the Trifexian Military Science Division. They are a small series of magnetic plates that are arranged to produce a field that is able to push away magnetic objects. The effect is minimal when applied to high-velocity objects, and is mostly used in combat as a last resort that can turn a direct, lethal hit into an off-target glancing blow. The magnetic field can also be tracked by the right equipment ((Much like the Electrocutioner's gloves in Batman: Arkham Origins)), and as such MRD's have yet to see extensive use in the Trifexian Military, with the exception of the air and space divisions where their minimal effect is all that is needed when combined with the nimble and well-piloted craft.

Cybernetic Enhancements Edit

A far larger part of Trifexian culture is the use of cybernetic enhancements. As experts in the field, an extensive range of enhancements have been developed for various purposes, primarily for military use. Most infantry units utilise at least one full-body enhancement to improve their combat effectiveness, and officers are allowed to have additional, minor enhancements to suit their needs. By law, only one full-body enhancement can be applied to a Trifexian, lest they become to reliant on their machines than their muscles.

Cybernetic technology has also led to efficient medical advancements, including robotic limbs and condensed, portable life-support systems.

Stone-Metal Hybrid Armour Edit

With a lack of heavier metals and materials to utilise as armour, the Trifexians have utilised their cybernetics technology and applied it to what materials they do have: lightweight metals and stone. By doing this, they have created reinforced stone that is durable and makes for efficient armour for vehicles and buildings. By combining their cybernetics even further, they have also been able to apply thinner layers of reinforced stone to infantry, giving them efficient armour that is, for the Trifexians, cheap and easy to replace.

Trifexian Information Network Edit

The Trifexian Information Network is essentially their own version of the Internet, allowing for data of all kinds to be transferred to where it is needed seamlessly and quickly. Plenty of security measures are in place to deter cyber-attacks, and plenty of staff are employed to make sure the network is kept running. Most drones are connected to the network, as are some civilian vehicles, and portable tablets and computers have been developed to allow access to be found almost anywhere, thanks to a large number of satellites that have been constructed and now orbit Nyrial and the Trifexian's other colonies.

Power Levels Edit

Belligerence Level Edit

The belligerence level of the Trifexians is a 3. They believe that peace and harmony trump violence and war, and are willing to befriend and help any alien races they come across. They are not pacifists, however, and will take up arms if the situation calls for it.

Intelligence Level Edit

Trifexian Intelligence levels average at a 7. Whilst they haven't developed FTL technology like other spacefaring races, they have near masterful insight into cybernetic enhancements and the construction of robotics, evidenced by their unique architectural style and heavy use of these elements in daily life as well as their military forces.

Technology Level Edit

Trifexian technology is around a 6; Their effective uses of robotics and cybernetics have developed advanced cities and ships that can function and maintain themselves almost completely automatically. All that holds their civilization back technologically is a lack of materials to work with; They possess only light metals and stone to work with.

Power Level Edit

Trifexian power level is a 2; They hold absolute power over their small solar system, though this is only due to a lack of other sentient species taking an interest in the area. Without FTL technology and a large amount of ships, the Trifexian's expansions are careful and limited. Their ground forces are far more abundant and exceptionally powerful, making up for their lackluster naval forces.

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