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Trifexians are tall, lanky humanoids, with bodies standing at roughly one third of a meter taller than a human on average, with thinner frames and elongated limbs. Despite being much thinner on average, Trifexians are still very muscular, with skin that is less malleable than that of a human, and are capable of great acrobatic feats and body contortions.

Each hand possesses four digits, including thumbs, and each foot possesses three. These fingers and toes are effective at maintaining a grip on objects, and as such Trifexians find themselves naturally capable of scaling walls, dangerous terrain and other obstacles with relative ease, even more so through their lifetimes of training regimes.

Their skin tones range from reds and oranges to purples and blues, though greys have also been documented. Yellow skin has not been seen on any Trifexians, and green is a rare colour like grey.

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The head of a Trifexian is a thin almond shape, with the tip of the head extending a curving downward into a point. This point is used to hang decorations from, and is the only part of the Trifexian body that grows hair. This hair is almost always black and only a small amount of strands grow at any given time, though these strands can grow to floor's length if left long enough.

Every Trifexian possesses two large, almond shaped eyes mounted close to the sides of the head that are completely black in colour. These eyes bulge out of the sockets slightly, and give the Trifexians a wider field of view to that of a human. They have ears similar to that of a human, though their ears are elongated and jagged. They have not been found to offer any noteworthy improvements to the Trifexian sense of hearing over a human's, however. Trifexians also lack a nose, possessing two small nasal slits in place of one, and every Trifexian has relatively thin lips and a small mouth that is fairly similar to that of a human's.

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