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The Union of the Suprion Empires is a powerful alien alliance in the center of the Triangulum. They have recently expanded into the Magellanic Clouds and are known for searching the alleged Celestial Orbs, which contain extravagant cosmic powers.

History Edit

In the beginning, there was a great civilization called Celestia, ruled by the immortal King known as the Arga. There was a time that the Arga stepped upon a barren planet, which was nameless. As he walked therein, he saw little, frail and weak creatures who seemed insignificant. Nevertheless, he, in his grace and wisdom, had a plan. He forged them into a much more superior and intelligent race. These were later known as the Suprions. He, the great Arga turned the barren planet into a beacon of progress for the Suprions to dwell upon. After all this, he gave them a responsibility, a test. They were not to sap the energies of the crystal in the midst of the planet, for if they do so, they will be utterly cut off from the face of the universe. Meanwhile, the Arga's enemy, Airetikos, the Fallen Celestian, learned about this, and devised to deceive them to do otherwise. In his craftiness, he induced the Suprions to sap the crystal's energies. It caused them to be driven mad. Their spirits were severed from the Arga, and they will be judged for this rebellion. However, the Arga did not destroy them right away. Rather, he gave them hope--one day someone will restore their sacred bond... and fix the balance... As they grew in numbers, they filled their planet with chaos and abominations, until a great catastrophe from a great war wiped out nearly all of them, except for 3 clans. Each of these three were bestowed a crystal, which gave them significant distinction from one another--including different powers, behaviours, colors, code of conduct, laws, technology and corruptions. Due to these difference, they emerged into three distinct warring empires. Mainly, they fought for the celestial great orbs of power, which constructs the cosmic elements of the Temple of Xerandius. Because of this war, the temple warped out of existence, but the orbs were scattered throughout the universe. The Suprions then, were led to search for them across the galaxies. In their search, they met much opposition from the people that dwelt in the worlds where the orbs finally laid. This was partly because they not only take the orbs, but also colonize the inhabitants. Though they were far superior from their foreign foes, they had enemies who united with each other, which turned into alliances like the UFR and the Mass Alliance; at the same time, great empires also emerged like the Neo-Roman Empire. Worst, some of them already know how to efficiently fight the Suprions. In response to this, the three Suprion factions temporarily left their old rivalries and united as one. With such unity, they eradicated many hostile planets and instilled fear in the hearts of all their opponents. Today, they still do not cease in searching for the celestial orbs. Moreover, their quest to conquer more worlds also continues....

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The Union is a tri-monarchy. It is actually three sub-factions under a single government. These subfactions are the warmongering Ichysus, the exceedingly wealthy and corporationist Ploutonic Ek-Tons, and the pacifist and conservationist Fysischia. They have three main governing bodies - The Council of Elders(Judicial/Political), Council of Seers(Religious), and the Orders of Zal (Military).

There are are ruled in unison by the three rulers of each of the three factions - Erga'has of the Ploutonic Ek-Ton, Kal'dahas of the Ichysus, and the Lathar Shilathil of the Fysischia(otherwise called Synthians). They cooperate in ruling the Union, but they often have conflicting interests and opinions, which sometimes hinders their objectives. For this reason, they have advisors, called the Council of Seers and the Council of Elders. If they cannot agree on something, they bring their case to the two Councils. The Councils decide on the course of action, and a majority vote of at least 55% of the Council members decides what action is to take.

Military Forces Edit

The Union has numerous military orders and chapters, but for each of the three factions, there are 12 major orders. Most recent and notable is the Order of the Sanctified, sentient AI warriors that have the memories and skills of fallen warriors of ages past. They are among the strongest warriors in the galaxies, and the mere mention of their name strikes fear in the hearts of heretics and traitors. Other renowned orders are the Order of Arthanos, the Order of Shalil, the Order of Braxius, and the Order of Scramata.

Star Forces Edit

Ichysus Ships: Edit

Zath Class Battleship - Edit

The steel wall of the navy and its hammer, the Zath is a fearsome battleship that is capable of controlling asteroids and space debris to confuse and scatter its enemies. It sports massive laser batteries and wave motion blasters. Each of the Zaths is powered by a small artificial star that provides it with nearly unlimited power. The Zath is regularly seen in the battlefield, usually on the frontline, crushing enemy battleships with its fearsome weaponry.

Ishtar Class Cruiser Edit

The Ishtar is the mainline ship of the Ichysus. They have very good mobility and can easily dodge long range kinetic attacks. Their armor is not very good, but they are capable of tearing enemy ships to shreds very quickly with their graviton cannons and ion beam batteries.

Kazgorath Class Destroyer Edit

The Kazgoraths are small and stealthy destroyers that blast apart their foes with massive volleys of nova torpedoes and kinetic rail cannons. In groups, they can overcome enemy battleships. Alone, they can literally dogfight enemy destroyers.

Plutonic-Ek Ton Ships: Edit

Xak'nal Edit

Xak'nals are powerful heavy battlecarriers that use solar cores for power sources. In combat, they deploy thousands of robotic drone fighters and hundreds of piloted ones. For weaponry, they are armed to the teeth with torpedoe launchers, plasma cannons, graviton beams, and ion blasters. Their most powerful armament are the energy pulses they emit once all power is diverted towards the solar cores. These pulses expand and contract, tearing to shreds any enemy ship that is unlucky enough to be in direct line of the pulse.

Planetary Forces Edit

Ichysus Ground Forces Edit

Narsil - Edit

Narsils are

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Power Levels Edit

Belligerence Edit

The Belligerence of the Union is at 7.9. The Union's expansive actions are well known; they will take any empty space there is. Leave one spot uncolonized, and one can bet that the Union is coming to take it for itself. In addition, it is also known that the Union has killed trillions in pursuit of its own objectives. Any race that opposes their expansionary policies are quickly and swiftly mutilated and destroyed. Because of this, many of the inhabitants of the unoccupied space of Triangulum would immediately submit to the Union's demands, in fear of being wiped out. However, despite its notoriety, the Union still believes in the usefulness of alliances, and will leave old grudges behind to fight a common foe. Hence, it is part of the Intergalactic Armada.

Intelligence Edit

The Intelligence of the Union's people vary; Ichysus would be at 9.6, and both the Ploutonic Ek-Tons and Synthians would be at 10. The two latter are perceived to be much more intelligent in reasoning and cognitive powers than the aggressive and rampageous Ichysus. However, all three are highly intelligent nonetheless.

Technology Edit

The technology level of the Union is 10. Being the single oldest nation in existence in the entire roleplay so far(already a space faring species in 95,000 BC), their long history has allowed a rather unbroken line of technological development.

Influence Edit

The Influence level of the Union is intergalactic. The Union holds power over the entire galactic core of the Triangulum, as well as thousands of systems near the core. In addition, the two Magellanic Clouds have experienced colonization by the Suprions. In the ancient past, Suprion fleets traversed all five galaxies, but internal strife forced them all back the Triangulum Galaxy. They now seek to reassert their ancient past.

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